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  1. Sometimes the longer "stand and wait" is when you abandon a lot, and it stays in the Gov's hands for a long time. I've had it happen when I got the lot back, so now I wait around......
  2. It will happen more and more. At first, we're excited to just get a house. Then we see some of the newer, more landscaped lots, or lots on the water somewhere. And we naturally want to get those. The older abandons will make new releases a challenge.
  3. geez, and then somebody in the in-world group posted a joke with 'release' in the title, and got everybody clicking
  4. yah, wasted a couple of my five abandons on Jamesborough and Allweiss
  5. Thanks RaeLee, that's what I thought. And I've been playing the linden lottery, too. I also got caught in the "only 5 catch and release in 24 hours" vortex. I realized this just before Friday's release. I've still got an alt in the game, but weekends are slow.
  6. Hi all....Not really a vent here, just frustration. While wandering around Bellisseria, I see gorgeous lots with great landscaping, next to lakes, rivers, ponds, etc. When I picked up my first home, I was pretty excited, but then realized it was a flat lot, in the middle of a block, in a very average flat region. So, I've been playing the linden lottery, but keep getting the same. I realize that this is about community, but for me, it's also about what I can see from my lot. Do you think we'll ever get some choice, or will it always be just about dumb luck?
  7. A question....Don't you need to abandon a lot before picking another? It sounds like you lucked into the houseboat, and then let the traditional go.
  8. Yes, same here. I just logged in to the inventory page, and got the message right away. And it won't take me back to the page, even though I click that line. I didn't attempt 10 refreshes, and will follow the directions, but something is wrong here.
  9. Can't log in here, either. And nothing on the grid status...
  10. Same here -- "unable to connect to a simulator". Of course, the grid status says everything is fine.
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