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  1. There's been a houseboat caught and released several times. Must not be in a prime location...
  2. You have found one of the somewhat-rare Angle Fish
  3. Hi all, wondering what the chatter is out there on the camper sites. I've still got an alt in the game, and would welcome a camper lot with a water view (lake, stream, pond), but don't want to throw an abandon away on a lot in the middle of other lots.
  4. Curious about the windlight setting you're using here. I'd like to use this on my beach lot.
  5. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for everyone posting pics of their homes in here. Being more than a little decorating-challenged, I sure appreciate the ideas. Best wishes for 2020.
  6. I'm seeing some great interior lighting in the houses you've all done, but the lamps I've found so far are like interrogation lights, lighting up my whole house, the neighbor's house, and half of the houses in the region. Any suggestions? I'd like something that would give a softer light inside when I'm set for midnight. Geez, maybe I'm just doing something wrong...
  7. There are certainly degrees of "awesome-ness". A houseboat jammed between other houseboats may not be as appealing as one at the end of the pier, with a clear view of the water. A traditional lot in the middle of a flat green block doesn't have the appeal of one set on the water.
  8. The ancestors are hedging their bets on Permafrost, eh?
  9. oh ok, thanks -- didn't see that.........boy, that will make for another mad rush of abandons
  10. What I was wondering, Marianne, was if any newer models might be just added as another option in our mail box, somewhat like how they added the holiday lights -- switch your Continental to a Victorian, for example.....
  11. Wondering when there are new house styles if they will be another option for current lots, or if we will need to abandon a current lot to get one???
  12. It's hard to understand how lots get released. Sometimes the house you abandon will sit in the pool for over an hour before it's released back into the wild, and others go immediately......
  13. Sometimes the longer "stand and wait" is when you abandon a lot, and it stays in the Gov's hands for a long time. I've had it happen when I got the lot back, so now I wait around......
  14. It will happen more and more. At first, we're excited to just get a house. Then we see some of the newer, more landscaped lots, or lots on the water somewhere. And we naturally want to get those. The older abandons will make new releases a challenge.
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