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  1. Yea thats the thing it only had one map.  The necklace is made up of multiple torus all starting from the same 2 that were mapped together.  The extra prim was just a cube added to fix mav block missing error.  When I first started working on it though I was keeping a subsurf applied until after baking then removing it.  Other times I made it how I liked and then decimated before upload and both methods still got me a mesh that was part uv mapped and part planar.   I ended up leaving both subsurf and decimate out of the process before I was able to get it to upload properly. 


    Thank you for that as well though lol I'm sure I will encounter that problem as well before I'm done xD

  2. Thanks a lot I had seen something about a script and was looking but hadn't had any luck yet.  Also there are only 2 materials in the mesh before upload, however there were a lot of verticies.  That's probably what's causing the problem thanks a lot for your help. 

  3. I've been working on a necklace for a while now and I came across and was able to find solutions to many problems along the way.  Now finally I am in the last stages.  I have the mesh finished and uploaded everything seems fine until you edit or detatch and reatach the necklace.  When doing either of these a face that I need to have transparent becomes visible again. 


    I've been looking around but I have yet to find a solution.  Any help is much appreciated. 

  4. I actualy don't have any of their hair (didn't realize they had any sadly) but I do find that the red hairbase/brow kit works well with some of the truth red hair colors 

  5. ty :D I may have to check out exile I haven't been to Analog Dog in years I may have to see what they are doing these days.  I do have the LAQ hairbases or at least red and blonde.   I really do wish more hair creators were making them as I like many styles that are close to the hairline and hate the harsh transition from head to prim..  The LAQ ones do work well with SOME of the hair colors but would love to see creators make some to specifically match the hair colors they create. 

  6. Ok so I am not sure why I didn't think of this one while the fashion experts were in but where are some of your favorite places to get hair? I LOVE finding new great quality styles (I'm pretty picky).  For a while now my fav has been Truth.  Few others have been able to satisfy me since discovering them. I do however love trying to find those that do.  

    Oh also I love it when a place offers a variety hair color pack like [ e l i k a t i r a ] I don't mind having one shade of every tone as long as I can go from red to blonde to brown without spending a fortune.


  7. Yea I have decided since I have spent more time trying to fix the problem than it took to make it I'll just start over lol.  Ty so much for your effort would have been great if one of us could  have found a solution in case anyone else encounters the problem.

  8. Sure, 86 toruses 4 on the short radius and 12 on the large. Started with one and duplicated and mirriored in edit mode.  End count in blender 4458 verts, 9004 face  count.  


    Uploader count 9004 triangles, 6830 verts ( highest lod)  no physics specified. 

    I have uploaded a single torus, and 43 (left side of the necklace) toruses.  Tried with 84 ( removed the merged toruses from center ) Attempted to upload the 43 on the right side as one piece failed.

    As I posted above for whatever reason regaurdless of the method any form of mirroring the left side seems to be causing the problem as it uploads fine. The 43 that are uploading successfully were all duplicated in edit mode and are having no problem uploading.  

  9. No sorry I am not having the same problem exactly it is hanging up at calculating but the vert count is staying near the same as it is showing in blender.  I am not sure why I am having the problem I am having but it seems to be directly related to mirroring the particular mesh I am working with.  I also get no error or anything that gives me the slightest hint into why. 

  10. Photos are important but how artistic they are not so much as long as what is being shown is clear.  List of creds is probably the most important for me and the easier it is for me to find the more likely I am to buy.  As for the entertainment part (as entertaining as it might be) it is probably the least important to me.  I very often will skim over the page looking at the pictures and only stoping to read the creds if I see something I am interested in.  Might be a little less entertaining than what some people like but I'm not there to be entertained =\ .  

  11. The problem seems to be happening during mirroring.  Weather I do it manually (duplication, scale -1) or use mirroring modifier either joining or not joining uploading the sides individually or together the mirrored side refuses to upload.


    Seems odd though as I've mirrored in all of my other meshes and not encountered this problem.

  12. Will do.  I did just try converting before exporting though didn't fix it =\


    K tried the single link and it went through fine

    Was getting multi user user data problem fixed that but still not able to upload

    Could having duplicated the torus in edit mode rather than object mode have caused a problem? 

  13. They were not triangles ( I thought the export took care of that ).  I did forget to remove a subsurf but I fixed that and still got the same result. I also used mirror but that was also applied before exporting.   No it's not importing back into blender.  Going to keep trying.  Any advice greatly appreciated.

    Getting a python error when I try to import back to blender. It's the same error I get when I try to import all of my meshes though and I don't have the upload problem with the other meshes.  

    Converted my polygons to triangles before export this time still not uploading =\. 

  14. I made a chain necklace in blender (duplicated toruses) i go to test grid to check it out, press the calculate cost and equiv button and 10 minutes later im still calculating.  I went back into blender and joined each link to one another by at least 1 vert and tried again still calculating...   I thought ok maybe it's just really big for some reason so I compared the face count with another mesh I made around the same count about 9k triangles this mesh uploads in 2 seconds or less.  Can anyone tell me what to do here?

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