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  1. I worry that what SL really needs is some organisation. A good managing director in the meaning of the words. Events listing still aren't replying to tickets after MONTHS and businesses trying to operate in SL are still hung out to dry. Inverness City, Urquhart, Augustus, Loch Oich and Loch Lochy sims are excellent examples of how real business is trying to exploit SL to the benefit of everyone, yet, even with 5 sims, no one gives a damn about our problems or listens to what we need or wish to discuss. THAT needs to change and only good management with specific objectives will ever achieve t
  2. This is all still very worrying. Changes being made without care or consideration. They decided to change the Event Listing system and now it is not possible to enter more than one event in 24 hours, whereas before we could hold events every 5 hours. Making such a change shows a lack of understanding of how events generate traffic, which attracts retailers, who pay rent, who allow us to run our sims. It is as if a bunch of children are running Linden labs. No business acumen or experience. They recently did the same thing by shutting down community gateways after sims like ours had spent a
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