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  1. beth, i think only excavators have front hoe, but those things can turn 360degrees, so the front can become the back:)
  2. ok. lets make things clear. i am talking about a backhoe(a machine for digging). lol
  3. some of those fiber optics cable have a steel core, so even a hoe might have a hard time cutting through it. unless done on purpose...
  4. hi lucy. r u still not able to login? i hope u can still access this. u know to go if u want to see what was talked during simon's group meeting: http://rcds.nfshost.com/ques_view_chatLog.php?queOwner=llsl%3ARex+Cronon&queName=chatLog&pg=-1
  5. the cloud is a computer network. a set of computers/servers that read and write to and from storage(hard drive, dvd, ssd...), that run programs, that communicate(generates requests and answers requests) with computers on the same network and on other networks. there are server farms(buildings filed with servers) located on different parts of states, countries or continents that are part of the same network(aka cloud). if a file is uploaded to one of the server farms in in usa and if that cloud has another server farm in australia, when a user from australia requests that file, then a copy is sent from the server farm in the usa to the server farm in the australia(only if there is no local copy or if a new version is available) and the user from now on can access that file from the server farm in australia without having to wait to be downloaded from usa. requests from other australian users for the same file will also get the file stored in the australian server farm in the case of sl the cloud provides storage of user data, like textures, sounds, objects, scripts(whatever is in your inventory). at this time not every type of inventory has been ported to the cloud. i think the cloud copies only requested files from sl servers to other remoter server farms based on what is requested. although is possible that ll now stores most of our inventories in the cloud exclusively. therefore ll by moving to the cloud should allow users from any part of the earth to have access to objects(textures, linked objects, sounds...) just as fast as somebody located in california(as long as the cloud doesn't bork:) in sl case not everything might be able to be moved to the cloud. chat, speech and position updates for objects and avatars will still have to be sent from sl servers to users across the web in real time. that is until we switch to the quantum web:)
  6. OMG. it took me a few days to finish reading this thread. a very grueling experience. i was reading like 5-10 pages and realizing that a few more pages popped up. why do those that don't sell their $L for USD, and/or have no USD in their ll account should have to become tilia members and to accept tilias TOS? its kind of illogical. i suppose i shouldn't hold my breath waiting for ll explain that:( i guess that if i want to continue to use sl i will have to agree to this:( but i will do it only under duress. from what i understand in rl if u sign a contract u can write "under duress" and it will be up to a judge to determine if indeed was true in case you decide to sue. maybe we should make a new post for all avatars that want to make it clear their are agreeing to tilas TOS but under duress:) p.s. since tilia is a uk business that pays taxes to the queen, and since it will be taxing sl avatars, does that make all avatars british subjects since we will indirectly pay the queen taxes? imagine being an american and finding out on 4h of july that you might become again a british subject:)
  7. there have been and still are lindens with a funny bone:) you must have had the misfortune to meet lindens when they are under stress and under time constrains to fix bugs or deal with some other kind of problems.
  8. ok. i thought it was very likely he was joking. i was expecting an emoji at end of the joke, like a smiley, wink. otherwise, is kind of hard to know what other person is meaning if you can't hear their voice, nor can you see their face:) chinray. there is a chat log/transcript available: http://rcds.nfshost.com/ques_view_chatLog.php?queOwner=llsl%3ARex+Cronon&queName=chatLog&pg=1 i can't keep it up for long, but anybody is free to copy it and make it permanent, with a link from where they got it:)
  9. it seems that the problem hamlet had was due to group roles that allowed terraforming. The weird road where an ave sinks down to their knees that ChinRey took a picture of, seems to be intentional? I don't know, maybe I misunderstood: "Rider Linden: It's added realism Rex, There are places like Palm Springs where it gets hot enough for the pavement to melt. We're just trying to simulate that." Maybe he was making a joke?
  10. About a year ago in some sims land/terrain started sinking(first report i have: http://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2017/05/second-life-land-new-world-notes-sinking.html). Is possible that this is what caused objects to suddenly interfere with vehicles on the lindens roads, like what happened with animats(https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/418728-encroachment-on-robin-loop/). I am nor sure if ll found out what caused it, or if they fixed it. So, it might be a good idea not to start accusing landowners along the roads of blocking vehicles, and causing them all kinds of problems(like temp bans)...
  11. there might be a few ways to make these conference calls less annoying: -popup a captcha each time somebody wants to start a conference call. it should make it a little harder for bots to start a conference call. -require those that start a conference call to pay like 5$L(or let the person specify how much wants to be paid to accept conference calls from strangers) to each person that is not on their friends list:)
  12. Now I can login just fine in both beta and main grid:) If anybody knows what happened, or if you know what might have happened, please leave a comment. Who knows it might help others with a similar problem:)
  13. On tuesday december 21st 2016 around 3pm slt i was logged in on the beta grid. I got disconnected, and since than I can't login anymore neither on beta nor on the main grid. The viewer gets stuck at "Connecting to region..." with loading progress bar at around 60%. On 21st I was able to log one more time a few hours aftwards, but i was stuck at 0,0,0 and unable to do anything. That time was the only one time i was partially succesful at loging in. No luck since than:( I found out that on 20th there were rolling restarts, but they ended that day. My login problem has started on 21st. Following are some of errors given: 2016-12-22T23:30:28Z INFO: LLCurl::Responder::completedRaw: Failed to deserialize LLSD. https://sim10128.agni.lindenlab.com:12043/cap/dbc4404e-705b-6dad-5df0-2de395462d25 [499]: STATUS_EXPIRED 2016-12-22T23:30:30Z WARNING: BaseCapabilitiesComplete::errorWithContent: [status:499:] {'reason':'STATUS_EXPIRED'} 2016-12-22T23:30:30Z INFO: LLViewerRegion::failedSeedCapability: posting to seed https://sim10128.agni.lindenlab.com:12043/cap/dbc4404e-705b-6dad-5df0-2de395462d25 (retry 2) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2016-12-22T23:30:31Z INFO: LLCurl::Responder::completedRaw: Failed to deserialize LLSD. https://sim10128.agni.lindenlab.com:12043/cap/dbc4404e-705b-6dad-5df0-2de395462d25 [499]: STATUS_EXPIRED 2016-12-22T23:30:31Z WARNING: BaseCapabilitiesComplete::errorWithContent: [status:499:] {'reason':'STATUS_EXPIRED'} 2016-12-22T23:30:31Z INFO: LLStartUp::setStartupState: Startup state changing from STATE_SEED_GRANTED_WAIT to STATE_SEED_CAP_GRANTED 2016-12-22T23:30:32Z INFO: LLViewerRegion::failedSeedCapability: posting to seed https://sim10128.agni.lindenlab.com:12043/cap/dbc4404e-705b-6dad-5df0-2de395462d25 (retry 3) 2016-12-22T23:30:32Z INFO: idle_startup: Initializing communications... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016-12-22T23:47:57Z INFO: LLCurl::Responder::completedRaw: Failed to deserialize LLSD. https://sim10128.agni.lindenlab.com:12043/cap/95d5652c-e886-578f-fb15-8253b7f6e8c9 [499]: STATUS_EXPIRED 2016-12-22T23:48:03Z WARNING: `anonymous-namespace'::LLEventPollResponder::errorWithContent: LLEventPollResponder error [status:499]: {'reason':'STATUS_EXPIRED'} 2016-12-22T23:52:01Z WARNING: LLMessageSystem::sendMessage: ONCE (100th time seen): sendMessage - Trying to send RequestImage on unknown circuit p.s. 12/23/16 @ 3:32am slt When I try to ping the following I get "Unable to resolve host name": login.secondlife.com agni.lindenlab.com
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