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  1. Thanks Marianne. "it's a blustery day" said Pooh
  2. Un-named store delivers gifts using their group list - but not in notices. Kind of them. I signed up alt for group as they have a Linden home , they never get the gifts. Checked with friends- same deal for them- only one acct gets the gifts.. Not a one off but for over a year. How can the store owner know who is an alt? All those gizmos were banned, right? Indeed a trial alt I had join never even went to the region so wasn't scan-able if they tried.
  3. Home Decor (mainly): Baron Grayson's Relic Sue Stonebender Alchemy Immortalis , small shop in world but regions gone . Beautiful jewelry , great sheep (don't ask) Julia Hathor
  4. Author: Polly Sprenger 01.26.99. [ Yes 1999. The World was SHOCKED] Sun on Privacy: 'Get Over It' The chief executive officer of Sun Microsystems said Monday that consumer privacy issues are a "red herring." "You have zero privacy anyway," Scott McNealy told a group of reporters and analysts Monday night at an event to launch his company's new Jini technology. "Get over it."
  5. I don't get it. Millions more dollars for sale then buyers yet the number of Lindens per USD has been falling. They have, we want Lindens--its a buyers market yet people offer buy at ever dropping exchange rates. Why ?
  6. I have a first day region Winchester-- menu in mailbox not updated and I so want it . Maybe new version for Valentine's?
  7. With about 160 people I was at the awesome Skye Galaxy concert today at SLB16. Didn't hear any "I crashed" "Where's the music" Well done, thanks . What a change over the SL of when I joined (2007) when we hung on like kittens with claws out on crashing regions.
  8. "A-keep your eyes on the road, your hand upon the wheel.." Thanks for the roadmap Caleb!
  9. there is a sekrit to getting Youtube links to work .....any advise would be appreciated, hate posting links that fail to open.
  10. Thanks Caleb! "A-keep your eyes on the road, your hand upon the wheel.. Let it roll, baby, roll Let it roll, baby, roll Let it roll, baby, roll Let it roll, all night long Do it, Caleb , do it" Just not this week , eh?
  11. Don't worry your kids will let you know when it's time --"You've asked three times when does Coll88 start-- on the 8th the EIGHTH" ; "You wore the wrong head with that body two days in a row" ;"You said you were teleporting home and I found you wandering in Bay City".....
  12. We know what demo sticks in here, why don't they market to the Auto clubs, alumni magazines AARP clients etc -- more will stay then hitting a bunch of 20 year old gamers who sniff, sample, swipe and move on--just not sexy for Lab staffers I guess. But money is green and agile , not gray ;p. The average US citizen of 2060 is likely to be older than the average citizen of today, and almost one in four people will be 65 or older.(Source: http://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/united-states-population/). Go gray to go gold Linden !
  13. Beat you to it! (Took old full perm and retextured). The steering wheel is covered with a towel- don't want an ouchie on hot days, the sidewalls on the tires are shot from lousy parking , the wheels are all scuffed up, but I live in Bellisseria and the country club has these cute umbrella drinks - so who cares! Note the newly minted Bellisseria Crest-- the house boat, Linden-ish hand ( no infringement implied), a castle with an oddly Winchester-y deck and a tribute to the Bellisseria cat.
  14. I lie naked, except for private parts , on the floor of my undecorated house . WINNING! (But what if your parts can carry on a better convo than you can? C'mon, we've all dated one of those ).
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