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  1. The Moon got stuck on my horizon line with eep , figured out how to make it disappear. Even with a 2020 MBP w/ 16 gigs can't move with all the shiny buttons on , so they don't matter to me--I 'live an SL life' versus a photoshop album version. Just hope with Oz gone the engineers don't spend time on the verbally loud crowds desire to have options 95% of us never use . Just to say they have the feature.
  2. Did you know this topic = server restarts -- has it's own theme music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qssWO8NSq0 There is a formula too , found on the decoder ring ....25 or 6 to...........
  3. I'm getting worried- cost to buy Lindens went too high, no one can find the time or interest to tell us about region reboots, roll backs-- and is that the Angel of Death on the splash page? Did SL die and no one told me?
  4. Some landlords don't want to take PayPal or credit cards because they could lose if the renter complains they didn't get what they were lead to believe they would get and wants a credit. PayPal isn't going to make an avatar and come in world to see if the tenant or the landlord was right, if they could tell. Especially on homesteads the profit margin is thin so a few complaining tenant charge backs and the estate is in the red.
  5. Cost to buy NYSE stocks from large broker where multiple exchanges may be involved $0, cost to have a cash card from a bank-- can add money and spend unlimited times in a month $5.00/mo , Linden cost for ONE transaction in an exchange they control $9.99. No, too high. And why are they making a new viewer? Take the FS open source and make a simple version. Strip the options but leave the framework so new people don't have to learn two systems.
  6. At what rate? I never use the cash bar, I use the exchange to get a better rate.
  7. This wasn't much warning time since it takes so long to close an Exchange ticket. The time estimates given are rarely close to reality.
  8. "region names showing on the map where there's no region there at all any more" = exactly. Regions are Caledon Lionsgate Caledon Gearhaven Caledon Templemore Caledon Brigadoon Some went off line years ago. Newest maybe a year, but not recent . And I must hasten to add Caledon is a Steampunk Victorian estate and not Adult Zindra.
  9. Thanks Eddy . I see the map has void region names showing for regions that were turned in to Linden, some over 5 years ago. Nostalgia or a glitch?
  10. Try making a attachment that will tell you the continent: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/ContinentDetector Thank you Braclo
  11. I live on an estate where the regions abut and where the owner had requested all regions be on the Main server in January to aid region crossings since we fly, sail individually , and have scheduled trollys, trains, airships . It did help. Then they recently took some regions off Main and put on them on release versions for "testing" regardless of owners request and the improvement we'd enjoyed as tier paying renters. Per recent ticket , won't switch them back.
  12. I learned so much from your TPV meetings. I came years ago to watch and hope Firestorm viewer could/would succeed , which it has brilliantly of course, but stayed for the education. Listening to you succinctly say why one of our beloved ideas went against the laws of physics and/or how the platform should be engineered BUT and its the big "why-we-love-you BUT" you listened and said "make me a case to keep or try " our idea. You listened. Thanks for not killing "return to last position"; I'll be clicking that and thinking of you. Best wishes, oodles of thanks and much resp
  13. EEP- I get it some people will spend all their time on one thing. But for the majority of people I'd venture bright day, medium day, night and a few fancy settings for photos and they're good. But to force more screens and choices on everyone doesn't make sense to me. It is a complicated screen hogging mess. Turbo tax is easier. Just nuke the moon if it is in the way, open sun and moon panel and select none for texture for the horizon hugging cheese ball. Buh bye brie! Catch ya later cheddar! Get outta here Gouda! ok, I'll stop
  14. Last attempt, on the prior FS it was a ONE button click region/personal settings ON/OFF ; now you have one button to go shared but to return to personal settings you have to open both sky and water scroll menus and select ---- a pain when you need to leave a dark region quick . Went from simple, easy, practical to a cumbersome chore--solution: don't use shared environments.
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