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  1. I learned so much from your TPV meetings. I came years ago to watch and hope Firestorm viewer could/would succeed , which it has brilliantly of course, but stayed for the education. Listening to you succinctly say why one of our beloved ideas went against the laws of physics and/or how the platform should be engineered BUT and its the big "why-we-love-you BUT" you listened and said "make me a case to keep or try " our idea. You listened. Thanks for not killing "return to last position"; I'll be clicking that and thinking of you. Best wishes, oodles of thanks and much resp
  2. EEP- I get it some people will spend all their time on one thing. But for the majority of people I'd venture bright day, medium day, night and a few fancy settings for photos and they're good. But to force more screens and choices on everyone doesn't make sense to me. It is a complicated screen hogging mess. Turbo tax is easier. Just nuke the moon if it is in the way, open sun and moon panel and select none for texture for the horizon hugging cheese ball. Buh bye brie! Catch ya later cheddar! Get outta here Gouda! ok, I'll stop
  3. Last attempt, on the prior FS it was a ONE button click region/personal settings ON/OFF ; now you have one button to go shared but to return to personal settings you have to open both sky and water scroll menus and select ---- a pain when you need to leave a dark region quick . Went from simple, easy, practical to a cumbersome chore--solution: don't use shared environments.
  4. I use FS, they say their new version based on what LL **required** for EEP. I have settings for water sky I liked from the scrolled list in previous FS version. I like to see "fancy" regions where they've made things special. Then go back to the old settings. Was able to do this with a click in/out SLICK. Now I am told I need to research my old settings , make a FOLDER of them , and every TP where I wanted to see the beauty (or horror) of SL and then leave -to restore y settings-- have to dig in my inventory to find the settings I use 95% of the time and reinstall them. This
  5. Thanks Marianne. "it's a blustery day" said Pooh
  6. Un-named store delivers gifts using their group list - but not in notices. Kind of them. I signed up alt for group as they have a Linden home , they never get the gifts. Checked with friends- same deal for them- only one acct gets the gifts.. Not a one off but for over a year. How can the store owner know who is an alt? All those gizmos were banned, right? Indeed a trial alt I had join never even went to the region so wasn't scan-able if they tried.
  7. Home Decor (mainly): Baron Grayson's Relic Sue Stonebender Alchemy Immortalis , small shop in world but regions gone . Beautiful jewelry , great sheep (don't ask) Julia Hathor
  8. Author: Polly Sprenger 01.26.99. [ Yes 1999. The World was SHOCKED] Sun on Privacy: 'Get Over It' The chief executive officer of Sun Microsystems said Monday that consumer privacy issues are a "red herring." "You have zero privacy anyway," Scott McNealy told a group of reporters and analysts Monday night at an event to launch his company's new Jini technology. "Get over it."
  9. I don't get it. Millions more dollars for sale then buyers yet the number of Lindens per USD has been falling. They have, we want Lindens--its a buyers market yet people offer buy at ever dropping exchange rates. Why ?
  10. I have a first day region Winchester-- menu in mailbox not updated and I so want it . Maybe new version for Valentine's?
  11. With about 160 people I was at the awesome Skye Galaxy concert today at SLB16. Didn't hear any "I crashed" "Where's the music" Well done, thanks . What a change over the SL of when I joined (2007) when we hung on like kittens with claws out on crashing regions.
  12. "A-keep your eyes on the road, your hand upon the wheel.." Thanks for the roadmap Caleb!
  13. there is a sekrit to getting Youtube links to work .....any advise would be appreciated, hate posting links that fail to open.
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