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  1. the privacy argument is a non argument. ther's several legitimate ways to find out someone's online status wihtout resorting to true online status or scripts that check online status. Mind you, it's the same vocal minority that howls privacy privacy privacy, that aren't going to be happy till there's nothing left worth doing. All so they can pretend they have perfect privacy, when anyone that knows anything about the internet knows there's no such thing as 100% perfect privacy, short of unplugging your computer, burrying it in concrete, then living in the woods off grubs and snakes and small rodents.
  2. the problem with that one is simple. We had Avatar hysics and mutiple attachments for well over a year before Linden Labs realized it was a feature worth having. Sometimes, in order for them to see there's a needed feature in the stock viewer, they have to see it out there first. by adding this restriction, they stifle innovation, and make it so they won't know when there's a new idea that is wildly popular.
  3. True, but it DOES help ME, as a support staffer for Phoenix/Firestorm to tell at a glance if someone's using a product I offer support for. there's times I am at a party, and someone comes up to me for tech support. Many times, looking at the tag, I can see Imprudence, or LL's, which I don't give support for, and i tell them politely I don't offer support for those viewers. this seems more like stifling innovation, as several NOW IN LL features were offered by TPV's FIRST. Avatar Physics and multiple attach points are the 2 that come to mind immediately.
  4. Well, I pointed out the more immediate things this will cause problems. But yes, that's the more troubling thing, if a ew TPV feature is found to "Impinge on the shared viewing experience" then the devs have to go to LL, petition the change, then wait till LL adds it, which can be months till they do, if they ever. Multi attatch and avatar physics were in TPV's for years before LL got off their butts and added it.
  5. it seems more aimed at the possibility of things, like the old emerald attatch points, or temp uploads, than things like RLV. though removing that would destroy the communities that use it, from childcare (changing kids clothing, making them walk with the parent) to friends looking out for one another (narcoleptics falling asleep in clubs/stores needing rescued, lagging and neding help navigating around a crowd to stick with froends) to the BDSM community (do I even need to point out what it's used for here?) Though, this wouldn't be the first time LL's shot themselves in the foot, making things difficult.
  6. As far as I read it, it could mean that the project has to go through LL's process, and wait for LL to impliment it before TPV's can, but I could be wrong, as I'm not an expert on marketing and legal language twisting
  7. Very UNWISE. 1. Killing true online status- This requires fixing on LL server side, and by eliminating this feature, now stores using online status boards for their staff aren't allowed to work, and there's still ways to tell even from the stock LL viewer if someone is online or offline. All you've done is listen to a vocal minority whining about privacy "rights" 2. Killing viewer tags, and system information. This eliminates the average person seeing just how few actually use the stock LL viewer, and how many use a third party viewer. It also breaks features used by several TPV's when offering in world support, such as a command that the user has to confirm when trying to get system info to diagnose a fix. That, and people LIKE the ability to change the color of their tags. 3. Seriously? Any features that alter the "common viewer experience"???? That is so poorly worded to include almost anything not in the stock viewer. It already seems temp uploads, widely useful for people creating custom content for others, is under the crosshairs for this one. How long did TPV's have Avatar Physics before LL finally decided to add it? These policy changes sound more like "We don't like how TPV's are doing a better job than us, so we're going to kick you all in the gonads and cripple everything you like till you all stop making anything that isn't like ours, and you go away" This seriously hits my anger button.
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