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  1. I'm not 100% its going to be a new horizons, but the layout seems like it might be.
  2. If you zoom into to a couple of the sims you can make out the shapes of 1024 sqm parcels. So looks like it's going to be a new horizons but for mature, some example sims SSP23, SSP87, SSP102, SSP149, SSP127
  3. GRANDFATHERED HOMESTEAD FOR SALE! Tier date: 2018-08-21 Price: $700 including transfer fees
  4. GF Homestead for sale! tier date 2018-08-18 price $700 contact Judge Firecaster
  5. GF Homestead for SALE! tier date 2018-06-28 Send judge firecaster your offers
  6. Grandfatherd Homestead for SALE! Send your offers by IM to Judge Firecaster
  7. Hi i'm looking to trade 2 grandfathered homesteads for a grandfathered full sim contact me inworld thanks
  8. Hi i'm looking to purchase 2 grandfathered homesteads contact judge firecaster inworld thanks.
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