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  1. Yes and no, it's all about making money from their products. Most stores will make a set with the clothing being No copy/ mod/ Transfer for couples. Though, store owners or content developers may believe that their product / content is worth the individuals to purchase seperately. Hard work is worth it, good product is worth it. It's all marketing from here on...
  2. Check out the wiki, can be very useful. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Land
  3. The work the "adults" have put into the main grid will mean nothing when this happens/ after this happens. The safe place for adults to be adults without children interfering will be crushed. It is this safe haven that has made the main grid a success for the numerous Avatars that occupy the grid on a day to day bases. Allowing teenagers onto a grid that has been maintained and secured by mature beings will be disastrous. Though I am sure you know this. The precautions taken by splitting the main grid into three sections (adult, mature, and PG) will not be enough to keep susceptible teenagers
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