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  1. Wasn't sure which random recent picture of myself to throw at this, so, I'll go with this one, lol.
  2. Warehouse Sale has me vibing Cyberpunk again. Ignore the breaking mesh, my shape does that to a lot of things, lmao. Photoshop makes it all better.
  3. Another demoness kinda day. August is close enough to October, right?
  4. Been trying to work on a picture for the past few days. This isn't the outfit, or anything I intend to use, so I'm obviously procrastinating.
  5. I'm just gonna chime in and say, other people's opinions don't matter. The picture is fab, but even my opinion doesn't matter, haha. It's if you like it that truly matters. Also, as a woman who gets pleasure from being an "ornament", I think the picture is very well done and the women all look like they are consensual adults who may be in a happy poly situation. I'm really tired of "feminists" telling me, a woman, that being submissive or enjoying the idea of being on a "chain" or "sister-wives" is wrong. Isn't feminism supposed to be women supporting women? It's 2020 and
  6. Me and my white hair, and random animal bits go way back (I'm on the right). The date on this is 03/27/2009! I rezzed on 06/2008, but didn't actualy do anything until around 11/2008 hahaha
  7. So pretty! I did one as well! They're all over Flickr right now! I look like a wet noodle with a trouty fish mouth but what can you do, lol!
  8. I've been here for what feels like eternity and I still don't know where I fit in. Just do you, you'll find some people along the way who like you, and if anyone wants you to change or dislikes you for you, they're not worth your time.
  9. Been on a demon-y kick as of late. Edit: video of the outfit: https://i.gyazo.com/642d8a920244232e52af27df5cb3787f.mp4
  10. I somehow always end up back in a cyberpunk vibe. Credits of course are over at flickr.
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