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    I just downloaded it. I am taking a class at the local JC and it is much cheaper for students
  2. Thank you. Where can I look at it?
  3. Hi, I have seen this mentioned several times, what is an Omega applier? Thx, BM
  4. What the heck do you mean by User Error? All I did was reply to a post, and make my settings in this forum so that I would receive notification if someone replied to my post. So, where was my error in getting spammed? I have double checked all of my user settings on this forum and I don't see anywhere where any posting that I have made has been spammed or that forum closed. How many times have I even used this forum, not that much. So what error did this user make? THis is where I wish you would be helpful instead of just saying 'user error'. Say something like, oh, you should check this because maybe you did this...
  5. This is not the one that I could not find, I never tried. How am I supposed to know some of these forum have spam? Why do you jump to something like 'user error'. Why not try to be helpful instead of nasty egotistical? Its this kind of response that makes me ignore a lot of these forums. BM
  6. I get about three emails per day that look like this, Hi Bhakti Mimulus, talpha508 (Recognized Resident) posted a new Message in Mesh on 02-11-2014 10:44 PM: Goa FemaLe ℰScoℛT0⑨8⑦➊⑨3➊38⑨ ℰScoℛTs in Goa This is pretty plainly something that I will not reply to, or open. It is the sneaky ones that worry me, this one just pisses me off and I don't even want to know where it actually came from because I know I did not respond to an escort on the forum..maybe in SL, but not in the forum.
  7. I would always speculate, and rather than rely on my checking the email, just delete it. BM
  8. I am set up to receive regular replies from this forum on topics that interest me. Yesterday, I received an email about a discussion but when I clicked on the link, instead of taking me to the forum, it rounted me to the SL sign in page. Usually, it rountes me directly to the forum, and from there, if I want to comment I have to sign in. I was very suspicious that I was routed to the sign in page where it wanted my password, etc. I went to the forum to look for the conversation, and could not find it. I did not try exhaustively to track down the conversation, but I did not sign in. So, just a reminder to be careful. BM
  9. Thank you Gaia. As usual, you are the best and much apprecieate. BM
  10. You can attempt retopology, but its hard to do. Or start deleting edges that are not needed to keep your shape..after you ave created your textures.
  11. It is not a simple thing to do. Besides the excellant suggestion above, I would also recommend Avastar and the inworld Blender groups. There are lots of SL folks learning Blender/GIMP.
  12. That use to happen to me a lot. For me, it was because I had not created an image to back to. BM
  13. What if you started with a bezier circle? I think you can put a cut out inside one of those.
  14. Thanks Gaia, I have not tried it in a while. I will try again. Maybe this was an update to the exporter that I missed or since I last tried it. I have finally starting baking my textures, once I found out how. BM
  15. I almost always import my texture with the mesh because whatever I make is usually just for me. However, I have a question about this. Is it true that you can only import UV textures with meshes if your object has only one UV map? For instance, if I clone a texture onto a full UV map from front view and side view UV maps, will the texture still upload? When I have trouble importing such textures into SL, it is really hard to get rid of the additional UV maps, just Xing them out does not do the trick. Instead, I have had to append the object to a new file, reUnwrap it, and apply the completed cloned texture, then it uploads into SL. BM
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