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  1. I have a twisted, sexy imagination that I'd love to use with male avatars. Yet, it seems like I can never actually FIND men! Could someone tell me how or where to find men who might be up to being dominant to my submissive? Who might want to play out some fantasies of roasting me on a dolcett or things much darker? Where in SL are you? It is humiliating that I need to use male escorts who charge huge amounts of $Ls for this stuff! And with them, it's just not quite the same as with a willing partner who's really into it. Any advice, please?
  2. I love SL sex; I'm very good at RP, too. It's a real mood killer when I'm with someone in an erotic sim and I'm giving it my all but their verbal/writing skills are sub-par. The fantasy is not just seeing the action onscreen, but the heated erotic chat or voice that provides the context and story of your shared sexual activities. So yes, my friend, please get good at it. Practice RP with escorts if you can't find a free partner, they're usually supreme role-players themselves and will be glad of the business.
  3. I am a submissive female seeking a dominant male or female for dark role playing sessions. I am not looking for a full-time mistress or master, but someone who will be my mistress or master when we role play. I want to be sexually exploited, humiliated, whored out, forced into exhibition of sex in public, dominated, punished, turned into meat, have my head severed at the guillotine, be vivisected, and snuffed in many ways. I want someone who wants to role play but does not want a permanent submissive. I am a very good role player, and you would not be sorry for taking me on. You would hav
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