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  1. I've been having the same problem with trying to upload a new photo for my profile. There must be a glitch with the latest v2 version.
  2. When I uploaded a new profile photo, it displayed the new one in the main profile window, but has kept the old one when the profile is opened. It has the new one shown saying this person has edited her profile. I also can't find a way to delete a pick.
  3. I want to reduce my inventory, but I need to save all the outfits that I've made with V2 that are kept under "my appearance." Is there a way to move these? Also, I would like to make folders in the "my appearance" to organize my outfits into separate categories and sub categories. The responses were helpful, but, I was hoping to move the items from my inventory, in tact, which doesn't seem to be possible. After a few seasons in SL with this feature, I've accrued many outfits that need to be reorganized in a way that SL hasn't made possible at this point.
  4. I used to have a record here of all the questions and answers that I've posted in the Forums. How do I get to that?
  5. Come on! I've been a SLer, for 4 years, and Linden Lab's recent frenzy of new version releases, with many glitches, seems less than professional to me. Please help me, people! Does LInden Labs expect us to accept the latest V2 version of profiles that come to us in a sub-beta version? I've seen answers to this complaint, that we should use second viewers for this part of SL, which I find to be a totally unacceptable solution. I implore those of you, who are more in the mainstream, than I, to appeal to Linden Labs to be more responsible with the quality of their releases.
  6. Thank you for helping, once again Cinnamon! I would add that there is a "view all" option at the bottom of the "answers" tab, which is where I believe that most of my questions have been archived.
  7. When I click on my name, it simply places me in the Forum where I've asked this question. I can't see "my Stuff" anywhere.
  8. I can't find any of the old information that I've stored here as reference. Is there no longer a "my stuff" (I think that's what it was called) in the Forums?
  9. It is very frustrating to have the inventory window jump several times, each time a friend logs in or out of SL Any way to correct this situation? Also...just when I had the forums under my belt...there now seems to be an entirely new format for posting questions.
  10. I've been given some instructions for modeling settings from a manual that uses Phoenix. I'm to go to Advanced menu>Debug settings>cameraoffsetdefault and make some changes. This isn't an option in V2...any suggestions? Thank you.
  11. Thanks to all who helped to answer this question. I finally got it to work, using everyone's suggestions. My problem now, is that the single pose looks very stiff and unnatural. On the other hand, I don't want to put a loop of poses into the garment, because this can cause poses at times,when one doesn't want them. I can't afford to place a new hud in every outfit, so I'm going to have to look for another solution.
  12. This was my reply to Leliel's post, which provided a script for me. I pasted it onto a notecard and place it, with the pose, in the prim's content area. Now, I'm really confused.
  13. Your suggestion hasn't worked for me so far. I'm going to go through step by step what I did for the benefit of other inept SL creators, such as I, and perhaps we can all learn a lot. 1. I rezzed a building square, reduced it to the smallest possible size that I could still see. 2. Made it white by selecting the texture tab, clicking the texture box, then clicking the "blank" option underneath. (Once it was in place on my body and I was certain that it would work, I was going to make it invisible by selecting a transparent texture from my inventory.) 3. I then opened the contents tab. Dropped in the notecard of the script that I had copied and pasted from your post. Then, dropped in the pose. 4. I took the object into my inventory. 5. Selected "attach to left hip" because it was a free attachment spot. Made certain that it was highlighted as "worn." 6. NOTHING HAPPENED BUT NEWBIE POSES. I must have missed something somewhere. Please help.
  14. I've not worked with scripts. Could you please describe this a bit further? I've only used huds that don't require notecards. Thank you.
  15. I'm making many outfits for modeling and each one needs to have specific poses with it. I'm unable to drop the poses into the folders.  It will accept huds, but I can't make a new hud for every outfit. Suggestions would be most appreciated.
  16. Thanks, Cinammon, for giving me the correct answer.
  17. I had a very nice system going whereby I copied the SL icon of my viewer, placed it on my dock and was able to allow two avis to log into SL at once. With this latest viewer, there is now a glitch.  I am able to log in with the first avi, when I hit the clone icon, that used to allow an alter avi log-in, I'm now given the mesage "Second life is already running.  Check your task bar for a minimized copy of the program. If this message persists, restart your computer." My problem, no doubt, lies in the newest beta update, V2.4.  Could someone please guide me as to how I might find: "MY TASK BAR FOR MINIMIZED COPY OF THE PROGRAM?" Should any Lindens view this post...please know...that this is the kind of quirk, that make people, who love Second life, grow disenchanted with its charm.  I seem to be a forever newbie here, which is becoming very frustrating.  I am, though, very grateful for the knowledgable volunteer participants of this forum, who continue to answer, what appears to be a daily roadblock.
  18. Thank you for having, once again, given me the correct answer, Cinnamon.
  19. 1. Some people seem to write novels about themselves on their profiles.  Mine wouldn't accept words beyond a certain point (I don't know the number.) 2. My groups don't show in my profile, even though I've checked, "Show in my Profile," in the group information. 3.  How do I give a link to a website?
  20. Thanks so much for the help. I've combed "preferences." but must have overlooked the "chat" option for IM's. My Second Life has returned to being nice again. Pisa
  21. Since downloading the latest Beta Viewer, which I'm using exclusively for SL, I am no longer receiving email notices of my IMs. I can't find any spot in the preferences to check this option. I consider this to be a essential part of my ability to function well in SL. Someone, please help? thank you, Pisa Fredriksson
  22. Thank you for the very comprehensive reply to all three of my questions. You have been very helpful. Pisa
  23. I have recently become a modelling student in SL, where it is necessary for me to move my avatar smoothly, forward, left, and right, using the arrow keys. My camera seems to easily jump about, and the arrow keys don't respond as quickly as I seem to need. Would checking "Disable Camera Constraints" help?  When is that used, anyway? Also, what is "mouse smoothing?" Finally, I can't get the Apple wireless mouse to right click, even by using two fingers on the right side, which is what the store tech told me to do. Thanks Pisa
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