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  1. Pamela Galli wrote: There was not much room to say what I wanted about the role of BOTH # of sales and price (a 1L item may have 1000 sales but if a similar 500L item has half as many, that is 1000L vs 250,000L, so to me the latter is much more relevant , but I included these: Make the words in the NAME of the item have greater relevance than the keyword box. If the NAME of the item is TABLE then it is more likely to actually be a table. Do not include avatar or store name in item search. A shoe business called Paula's House will always show up on search. Limit the length of the keyword box so the merchant will only have room to put the most relevant words. One line is plenty. All good ideas and I agree with you. Keyword spam is the biggest thing I see that is ngatively affecting the Marketplace and making search horrible. 1. The store name should not be included in Item Searches. 2. The avatar name should not be included in Item Searches 3. The store description should not be included in Item Searches. 4. Keywords should be limited to a specific number of fields, like 10. If I only had 10 keyword fields to describe my item, I certainly wouldn't be wasting that space trying to add a bunch of junk or brand names to try to game the system.
  2. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for an answer. Ever since they changed the wording on the tos I stopped expecting them to say anything about what they are doing. 9.5 You are not our employee, and you have no rights to compensation. You acknowledge that your participation in the Service, including your creation or uploading of Content in the Service, does not make you a Linden Lab employee and that you do not expect to be, and will not be, compensated by Linden Lab for such activities, and you will make no claim inconsistent with these acknowledgements. In addition, no agency, partnership, joint venture or franchise relationship is intended or created by this Agreement.
  3. Kelley Wonder wrote: This is the message I get when trying to list at 0L.... "There were problems with the following fields: Master base Distributions require a price of at least L$10" I have tried listing at 1L also, and I get that same message. You provided the answer in your quote. Remove the distribution from the listing.
  4. Perrie Juran wrote: According to the Wiki, "Linden Lab offers a L$10,000 bounty for each previously unknown exploit that can be verified." http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Security_issues Where do we all apply for our bounty? Oh, and Peter, LL did not discover the bug. We did. At best you have discovered the "cause" of the bug now. Actually, you have no clue if they were aware of it or not before it became public knowledge in this thread. As much as LL goofs things up, do you honestly think they would have come out and said "This can be bypassed in this manner" just to let everyone know that they were aware of the issue? No gaming company willing admits to an issue before it is public knowledge, no matter how long before it became public they knew about it. You are assuming that because it wasn't common knowledge to everyone else, namely us, the users, that LL didn't know about it and was actively working to fix it. There is a difference between White Hats, Black Hats, and Wanna-Be's. White Hats tell the company Black Hats tell no one and exploit it Wanna-Be's tell everyone so they can try to make themselves look important or impressive to a bunch of strangers
  5. Tari Landar wrote: I am quite certain, yes, I base that entirely on experience. I could probably go back through and see if I still have chat records about all the stupid junk me and my friends used to buy each other, not that it really matters. At the time, it was funny, well some of it was funny. That's the only reason I know it was possible. And the reason it was eliminated-according to LL, was because of the whole "griefing" thing(although, that has never been proven to BE a problem to begin with). I also remember people being annoyed when we were no longer able to do it. The only reason I remember, is because, as I said, we used to do it a lot. A rather large group of us that had come over, permanently, from a game elsewhere, used to gift newbs all kinds of free stuff from Slex. That's where my hubby got the shorts he's wearing, and yes I am absolutely certain they were $0l. I wouldn't have sent them otherwise as neither one of us had put ANY money into sl at the time, lol. I couldn't have gifted them to him if they weren't $0l, since my balance sat at $0l for over a year. Now, some merchants CHOSE to not list anything at $0l, because they thought the ability to gift $0l items to others would become, or was, a griefer's delight. I didn't share their opinion(still don't), but apparently LL did, and does. It's their MP, so, they make those rules. Maybe you were using OnRez and they allowed it. But it was never possible to send free items to others through SLex or Xstreetsl. Dont believe me? Look up your purchase history for SLEx and Xstreet. You wont find an item on there that was gifted to someone else that was free. LL took over the marketplace in 2011, not 2007. If LL had changed it when they took over, the changes would have happened after 2011, and you wouldn't see comments dating back to 2007 (less than 1 year after Apotheus created SLex) stating that you cannot send free items as gifts to other people. Memories are faulty. Look at all of the people exonorated by DNA who were convicted solely on the basis of "memories of eye witnesses". You might "remember" doing it, but it doesn't make it true.
  6. Tari Landar wrote: Jacob Cagney wrote: Tari Landar wrote: It used to be(in the Slex and Xstreet days) that we could gift $0l items to friends. Unfortunately, again, LL has mucked that up. Not true. You could never send freebie through the system to people. You are 100% incorrect. Xstreet and Slex, used to have that ability. Eventually, xstreet got rid of it too-when LL aquired it. However, this is *exactly* how I had, at one time, gifted many things to friends. I know for a fact that it was possible, because my hubby is actually currently wearing shorts that were $0l I found randomly and thought were hilarious. So I sent them to him when he was new to SL, long before he was my hubby https://www.xstreetsl.com/forum_archive/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=77580 Posted: Fri Aug 03, 2007 12:58 am " 1L keeps alot of girefers from doing impulse griefing... at least on places like slex. thats why on this site you can not send free stuff to friends, cuz people send free stuff to people to spam them...the idea is most griefers make accounts on short notice and wouldnt want to have to load it with money...." Note the date of the post. It was never possible to send free items to other people through SLX or Xstreet for the exact reason noted in the post from 2007. (6 years ago) While I am sure you are sincere in your belief that you were able to send a free item to someone at one point in your lifetime through SLX, your sincerity doesn't make you right. It never was and never has been possible to send free items to other people through SLX, Xstreet, or the SLM.
  7. Tari Landar wrote: It used to be(in the Slex and Xstreet days) that we could gift $0l items to friends. Unfortunately, again, LL has mucked that up. Not true. You could never send freebie through the system to people.
  8. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/New-Payment-System-Questions/m-p/2067699#M35956 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/non-payment-of-a-confirmed-delivery-of-a-product/m-p/2067707#M35958 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/New-Payment-System-Questions/m-p/2074707#M36137 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/New-Payment-System-Questions/m-p/2076265#M36211 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/New-Payment-System-Questions/m-p/2080327#M36356
  9. Pryda Parx wrote: I think this is mainly a failing in the support systems. We need the Labs to be successful and profitable otherwise SL would disappear and quite frankly that would make me very unhappy. Software has bug that's a fact of life, so the marketplace has bugs, they didn’t test it well enough before going live and as a result there is a big mess. I'm sure they are trying to sort it out as best as they can. And I'm sure that our interests align to those lovely people from the Labs. But what I take issue with is the minimal feedback to the merchant community, the cycle of raise a support issue, response as raise a bug report, close the support issues, raise the bug report, close the bug because it's a duplicate. For me that's not good enough. All I really want is a "sorry Pryda, we are trying to sort it out and you should have your money in a couple of weeks". How hard can that really be for them? When I asked, I got pointed to all of the posts by CTL, including this one http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/New-Payment-System-Questions/m-p/2076265#M36211 Which says exactly what you are asking them to tell you. *facepalm*
  10. Maddy Effingham wrote: Well the respond I got from Dakota Linden is that it may take up to a week for the refund/compensation...so I suggest just keep a close eye on your SL transactions for any transactions relating to the irginal failed payment Since CTL said that already, did you expect him to give you a different answer?
  11. Deja Letov wrote: The ads are getting really stupid too. Today I logged in and at the top of my screen were 4 busty chicks, one apparently had no bra on and her top was wide open but the picture was conveniently cut off right above the **bleep**...with the message "We don't like Young Men! We want you!" So they are trying to say I'm old...and male? The chick with the giant basketballs on her chest was kinda hot I guess, if you're into girls. They could at least make an attempt to tailor them to a video game genre, or business, or let SL merchants advertise or something. but really...SL peddling smut and what I'm assuming is a adult porn website? Really SL? http://www.businessinsider.com/gavin-barwell-humiliated-by-adsense-2013-3
  12. Change the permissions before you re-send the item. Problem solved. When I have a no copy/ trans item that someone keeps telling me they have problems with, I change the permissions on the item to copy / no trans then send them a replacement with the new permissions. This way even if they are trying to scam me, I can just send them a replace of the copy enabled version over and over again and I know they cannot pass out those extra copies to anyone else.
  13. Perrie Juran wrote: Shelby Silverspar wrote: I thnk Amazon shouldn't have set this deal up so that multiple SL accounts could purchase the same product (free lindens and free hoverboard, I think) using the same Amazon account... so they pulled the offer. Maybe I am missing something here, but where does it say AMAZON set this up. Amazon just provides the listing/selling service. Linden Lab would have set the listing. Linden may have created the listing, but Amazon is the company that lets people link a bazzillion free alt accounts to a single amazon.com account, thereby being able to "buy" the pack over an over again. I agree with Shelby on this one, Amazon totally screwed this up by letting their own amazon.com account holders do that and I hope they fix the screw up, or cough up the lost money to LL for the screw up. If I were CEO of Linden Lab and came back to work on Monday and found out that Amazon.com let this happen because of oversight with their own account controls, I would be livid.
  14. Pussycat Catnap wrote: 16 wrote: Pussycat Catnap wrote: I'd rather save SL from death than make it 30 second more convenient. SL will die, if merchants don't return to the land. All that kept the many venues where they stuff they sold got used in business was funding tier from renting them shops. Sometimes you need to think beynd your own self and look at what's best for the larger community. What will you do, when such 'me me me' thinking causes all of the clubs, art venues, roleplay sims, hangouts, ballrooms, live music venues, discussion venues, meter sims, racing sims, XXX sims, and every single other form of community sim to vanish... because they can no longer fund tier? What good will anything one buys on market place be, when all that is left is empty mainland and linden homes. i think you being a bit more gloomy than need to be + well-run clubs survive. always have. not well-run and they dont. is same SL as RL this bars in SL do better. same in RL. they get regulars who keep coming back time after time. the clubs that survive in SL may look like a club. but they bars really. if look at the longtime survivor ones. can see this So tell me how any of these, even the "well run ones" fund themselves? I'm not talking traffic - traffic can be healthy and a place will die if it can't pay tier. MP helps the traffic, but steals the tier. Tell me how, without any source of income, they will find a source of income? Name the new magic bullet they will use now that rental fees are drying up. Some big brands are there now - but why? How long do you think that will last when they get no or marginal sales from it? Promotion? Better done through fashion blogs and the feeds, and MP itself - as those are the venues through which customers come. They haven't all given up on inworld yet. Many still cling to it irrationally out of a sense of duty for the greater good. But people with that kind of ethics are less common. Just look at the reaction I get to suggesting MP be killed: selfishness dominates. Over time, the holdouts still clinging to malls will die out / give up. As they do, and this is already happening - venues relying on them will close. So tell me, once they are all gone; how will the places you love to visit pay their bills? The MP isn't the problem. It is the junked up stores in world. I gave up buying in world when it was SLExchange 4+ years ago. Why? Because shopping in world is a right royale pain in the butt!!! Searching for an item, doing to the store, waiting 20+ minutes for everything to rez, stuck at a landing point no where near what I was looking for. Once everything in my immediate area rezzed, I had to try to hunt for what I was looking for amongst all of the other stuff that the seller had placed out on their area. With absolutely NO guides or pointers showing the way to the area I wanted, and most of the stuff stuck in vendors on the wall that I had to page through, over and over and over again.. usually to find that the 1 item I wanted wasn't there, so I have to move to anothere area and wait for everything to rez in that area, and then do through the vendor hunting again and again. Screw that! The MP isn't killing in world sales, the sellers are by having a horrible set up and store and allowing dozens and dozens and dozens of scripts to run in their stores adding to the lag along with 14,000 prims that are trying to rez and a store that is laid out in such a manner that flee market sales look like Saks Fifth Avenue. If more places were like Luna Bliss, or DE Designs, I would spend more time browsing and shopping in world and spending time in those locations to boost traffic numbers. Sellers who refuse to adapt and optimize their stores are the ones ruining in world sales, not the MP.
  15. Pamela Galli wrote: ZebrasTurnPink wrote: Second life closed down the listing due to people making alts to get more lindens. In all honesty, what did they expect? Exactly. How many here could have predicted that? As usual, LL behavior is that of a company that knows nothing about its clientele. Most likely this is a total screw up and clusterf*** by Amazon and not Linden. Amazon is the one that lets you link multiple SL accounts to the same amazon account, thereby allowing the creating of free alts so that those users who "think" of ways to scam others are able to just get the pack over and over again. Very possible that Amazon saw this activity on their own amazon.com user accounts and shut off the listing over the weekend until they could knock heads with Linden on Monday and get a solution. Also very possible that Linden had no clue that amazon would let users link new/different accounts over and over again to their amazon.com accounts, thereby abusing and scamming the system. Personally, I am glad that the listing is shut off. I would hate to see the consequenses on the exchange and value of the linden dollar had this been permitted to continue. I also hope that Linden takes a hard line with those user accounts that pulled this stunt and terminate their accounts and recover the funds.
  16. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Way-to-go-Commerce-Team/td-p/1725297 "Dear Marketplace Merchant, You are receiving this email because you have at least one listing on the Second Life Marketplace that still uses an outdated delivery process, known as Magic Boxes." If you have already migrated why would you want spam from Linden Lab talking about migrating?
  17. Oh look! they did update http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Marketplace-and-Direct-Delivery-Update/td-p/1462915
  18. Fiona Scorfield wrote: Dear Marketplace ! The Idea of Marketplace is basically a good idea. The bad thing about is, instead of to make it easier and better, it makes our life harder and harder and harder... It was not enough to change XStreet into marketplace and to take all the good functions away. It was not enough to make it even more difficult to search for an item - you search for kitchen stuff and it shows you cloths or you search for a shirt and it shows you makeup etc. Since you changed this listings, I never understood how it works and how you filter items. You do realize that the above is because of the idiot sellers who seem to think that "spam" is a marketing technique? If you search for kitchen and get a pair of pants, that is because the seller is an A$$ who doesn't give a damn about how bad they are making the place for everyone and only cares about trying to get more people to see their garbage and hopefully buy it? But now with this "direct delivery crap" it makes it even more difficult ! Currently I have 256 objects in marketplace, and since weeks I am thinking about the damn work to change all my 256 objects in marketplace into direct delivery. But since you don't let us an other choice, I must do this damn work ! So you have spent weeks stressing about this long before you even started, and now you are freaking the hell out? No Surprise there. You have 256 items, it should take you less than 15 minutes to migrate all of them over to the new system. Open your inventory window create a folder called Migration Edit the Magic Box Open the contents tab of the Magic Box Copy everything from the content to the folder delete the Xstreet scripts Copy 50-75 of the items and drag them to your merchant outbox send. copy the next 50-75 items to the outbox making sure you dont get any dupicates send. copy the rest without duplicatess send Boom! done verify all of the items are set to direct delivery. So I started today with it and after my 5th object im complete pissed off ! Nothing works and I am sure it will never work ! Did you contact support with the information regarindg the "nothing" that is happening? And yes, I don't have anything better to do than to sit in front of my computer for MONTHS and change it, because its not that I have like 5 objects in my marketplace, NO I have damn 256 objects and this will take ages ! I better don't want to think about the poor ppl who have even more objects than I have ! Wont take "ages". see above And its also not that your wonderful direct delivery system works perfectly so as soon as we marketplace shop owner changed everything, then everything will work perfectly. No, its like that you know now that it "can happen that the customer will get an object with changed permissions". All I can say is WONDERFUL ! Permissions issues happen all the time in world. Not limited to the Marketplace and not caused by direct delivery. And now I have one question. I am wondering what would happen if everyone who has a marketplace shop stops to sell in marketplace and go back to the good old SL shop where you are not forced to update every few weeks all your items just because Marketplace has a new crazy idea. What would happen with Marketplace then ? Wont happen. too many people have no problems selling through the web site, and a ton of us like buying through the web site. And I really don't feel like to update items when everyone knows your new system still doesn't work without problems. If there are bugs, file a bug report. So why don't you just give us more time (than October), work on your new system, create a new system which helps everyone - buyer & seller, and when you are really sure it works, THEN force us to update our shops !! This new system does help everyone, you are just overly stressing and thinking yourself into making this harder than it is. see my infor above for dog simple steps ^^ Also, they claim everyone wil have at least 4 weeks notice. they haven't given 4 weeks notice, so I am betting the date will be changed.. again.. for the 4th time.. or is it 5 now? It has changed so many time I cannot even keep track.
  19. Voodoo Schnyder wrote: I dont see how that answers any of the topic of the thread, I had the opportunity to deal with Onrez much later after they sold the xstreetsl and they were still had building services in SL and other services in other virtual worlds Saying that LL rebuilt an whole system from scratch that was already build when they could just modify it... i dont know what that is, but if you want to make a competition out of here go ahead, just do it without me cause i have better things to do, that wasnt even the point of this thread It is pertinent to your baseless arguement. You asked why something was removed. It wasn't removed, it was never there to begin with, as others have pointed out. You then laid a claim that LL changed Onrez into Xstreet and then the MKT, which they didn't. If the Marketplace wasn't built from scratch, then explain why the Xstreet SL web site still exists, and you can still log into it, and we still get emails from it? It is because it still exists. They just hid all of the products so no one could see them on that site. That is why the Magic Boxes work.
  20. Arielle Simondsen wrote: Perhaps if anyone at sl technical help actually read our responses, we could get proper help and sl technical help could actually give us support that works. Thankfully there are sl residents who help each other through these things. Because sadly, it seems we are all we have. thanks anyway. I guess this can be closed now. At least they tried to help you. After all, the issue is with the viewers that do not support the Merchant Outbox, not with the Merchant Outbox itself. The only people complaining about the issues with the Merchant Outbox are those who have or do use 3rd party viewers. Are you honestly blaming LL for something the creators of the 3rd party viewer let you do? They do enough stuff on their own, no need to blame them for stuff other people do too.
  21. Voodoo Schnyder wrote: Umm, the only difference is that linden labs bought the system from onrez and changed its name, redirecting the old url to the actual, if they are not the same I wouldnt be able to migrate my items from xstreetsl to marketplace why they removed this feature and kept useless things like sales tracker is beyond my understanding, anyway i guess the question is answered. No they didn't. LL Bought both Onrez and SL Exchange/Xstreet SL. They then shut down Onrez because it was failing and the owners had been trying to dump/sell off Onrez for over a year. LL then built the MP using the Magic Boxes from XStreet as the way to send items in world. Because the Magic Boxes code and set up was being used, they migrated the items from SLX/Xstreet to the new Marketplace trying to save us time so that we didnt have to do it ourselves. In order to ditch the left over SLX/Xstreet stuff they have to get rid of the boxes. So now we got Direct Delivery.
  22. I am not sure why anyone is surprised, stunned, whatever. Rod is a gamer. Rod comes from a gamer backbround. Rod hired gamers when he took over as CEO. 99.9999999% of gamer companies do not have public bug reports.
  23. Pamela Galli wrote: I remember you from SLX, Jacob -- wish more old SLXers would drop by here. I think the down ecomony has hit a lot of us. I pulled my items back when the change to this new site happened and all of the talk of charging for free items etc and I just haven't bothered to start creating again. I still lurk, but mostly figured I would wait out all of the growing pains that the rest of you are going through before I considered jumping back into the mix again LOL. Guiniea pigs running on the wheels is not who I wanted to be this time around.
  24. Czari Zenovka wrote: Kampu Oyen wrote: http://tribes.tribe.net/secondlifemarketplaceproductsearch/thread/2ddce358-ef5a-4dfa-8022-061e9f36cd44 My reading of that didn't assume that the word "prim" was the keyword spam. Of course I have no idea what keywords you used, but the only listing of the word "prim" in that letter was within the name of your product. I gotta agree here. There is nothing that says prim was the keyword that caused them to pull your item. Assuming so just adds to the view that you are a conspiracy freak who jumps to conclusions without facts.
  25. Lasher Oh wrote: LOL - the nutters are taking over the nut house. I was recently busted for having a listing called 'Empty Box' I created it for evaluating and testing search. It was just a single prim listed as such and stated on the description that it was a search test only. Not knowing what category was best suited I chose to put it in building components after all it is a prim and they are always used for building. Well not according to the marketplace police who removed it because it was in the wrong category. Off course they didn't sugest which category my single prim empty box should be placed in - that would involve thinking and we can't have too much of that can we? ^L^ Your listing was junk then using something that you didn't make, you just rezzed a blank prim. You should have unlisted it after you did your test. if you didn't unlist it, then you contributed to the junkification of the site and deserved to have it removed, even if the reason listed for the removal isn't one that makes sense.
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