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  1. Hanna Redrose wrote: Try reading before you reply ... you have no idea what you are talking about!! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines? "Be sure to follow these guidelines, the Second Life Terms of Service, and the Second Life Community Guidelines when listing items on the Marketplace. If your listings do not adhere to these guidelines or any Linden Lab policy, we may remove them, in our discretion, and no refunds will be issued for any removed listings. If you violate these guidelines or any Linden Lab policy, your SL Marketplace privileges may be revoked and your account(s) terminated." "Listings in the wrong or inappropriate Top Level categories may be disabled or removed to avoid confusion." As for your question about copyright, those are legal issues, not tos issues. Again, you really should educate yourself better. http://lindenlab.com/tos#tos7 "Linden Lab will respond appropriately to notices of alleged copyright infringement that comply with the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”)" "If you own a copyright in a work (or represent such a copyright owner) and believe that your (or such owner’s) copyright in that work has been infringed by an improper posting or distribution of it via the Website, then you may send us a written notice" If you do not own the rights, or you do not legally represent the person//entity that owns the rights, Linden Lab can do nothing with regards to your claiming that the sale of an item violates someone elses copyrights. DMCA is US Federal Law. It isn't just something people at Linden pulled out of their butts and is using to annoy people. It is the Law, at the highest level, in the United States. If you do not like that someone with a fake name, in a fake world, with no information, or even fake information, on their account and go around claiming people are breaking the law and have Linden Lab remove the items or ban the seller, then you should complain to the federal senators and representatives and demand that they change the law. And if you honestly believe that people in a fake world, with fake names, and no real life information, or possibly fake information should have any control over what you sell then you are whack in the head.
  2. so you chose to use a name with the word **bleep** in it and you are wondering why your account is on hold? that is pretty funny. time for you to go read the rules
  3. Hanna Redrose wrote: Just a message regarding "FLAGGED ITEMS" Those in charge of checking marketplace items you might want to check if the person who flagged the item as "Not as Advertised" ACTUALLY purchased the item before removing it from the merchants MP Store. How the hell can they know its not as advertised when they havent bought it... this just allows pathetic bullies in SL to continue. I am surprised how fast that gets taken care of ...yet all the copyright material, stolen material and fake material are able to remain on the MP.... not to mention those inworld who contantly bully other designers because they have nothing better to do with their time them try and destroy their business due to complete and utter jealously. How come a flagged "NOT AS ADVERTISED" gets taken care of so fast... yet a report inword regarding copyright, bullying and slander get zero response??? Way to pay attention. first of all, go look at the options. not as avertised includes wrong category. As noted by your other post, you seem to be under the impression that the only reason why your item might have been unlisted is because of the permissions. If you are not getting the emails, you should, that way you can see what item and why it was removed. Looking at your listings, the newest one you have is a quilt? but for some unknown reason you put it into the buildings area. um.. why? do you really think a quilt is a building? seriously? how clueless to you have to be to put a blanket in the same area with gas stations?
  4. Pamela Galli wrote: I thought, oh, good maybe they are working on something, so I did as you suggest. Most of them were closed, but there were some about the recent decision to just make ALL listings Adult. However, there was 5806 from April, so I opened that. LOL. My point stands. And your point is invalid. If the marketplace was abadonded then no fixes would have been made. Just because suggestions that people have made are not being implemented doesn't mean stuff isn't getting done. Until you have official words from someone at linden that the marketplace has been abandoned or is no longer being maintained, please just shut up.
  5. you can set the enhancements to active which will automatically renew, which I think is the default. so if you do not change it to dont renew, then it will renew.
  6. geez.. 4 million or more accounts all with information that goes back years? yeah, that would hog up a lot of space. keep your receipts people. common sense
  7. Morgan Kincess wrote: indeed it does. I just had to click 350 times to fix my marketplace... Oh and before I contacted the live chat help but of course they had no clue and made a ticket on my behalf. I'll keep you posted if they ever reply From comments and contact support has no clue why your listing might be changed unless you use the obvious words. they do not have a copy of the filter lilst so they cannot help you. if you find out what is causing it you should file a bug report
  8. So how many of you have filed a bug report for the words, or notified customer support? Or are you just complaining on the forums and letting everyone suffer when you have found the issue but are refusing to tell them so that it can be fixed? As for "azz" since that is a masking of the other word, you deserve to have your listing changed because you are trying to avoid and bypass the rules and it serves you right.
  9. EonCross wrote: Ok I know, it was a wrong decision in the first place to include an adult word in a famous product's name, but nevertheless it still is a product of general maturity, or it should be... I can't imagine that noone thought of the mess this maturity change would cause, so I am thinking...maybe that was intended? Especially after the DMCA filed against Phat Azz? Considering "azz" is a mask for the other word I am surprised that it isn't considered Adult and not just Mature. Since profanity should be adult under the guidelines. If you got away with it this long you should be feeling lucky instead of upset. After all you were participating in trying to beat the system and avoid the adult rating by masking profanity in the first place. Personally, I think you should consider yourself lucky that the only thing that happened was a ratings change and that your item wasnt outrigth removed for the violation. Next time dont try to beat the system by playing with wording to try to get around the rules. Follow the rules like everyone else and you wont have these issues. I have zero sympathy for you. You got less than you deserved for packing your listing with adult words. If your item really is G rated, then you are a bonehead for sticking stuff in the listing that doesn't belong.
  10. Tari Landar wrote: kerching wrote: Hey guys, Like the title says, just a really quick question about using the seller tools in Marketplace. I have over 100 items that are unlisted in my store, but I want to delete them (not just leave unlisted). However, I can only seem to do this one by one. Is it possible to mass delete, like you can mass unlist? Thanks for any help in advance Nope, have to do them individually. It sucks, but no matter how many times we've asked, they still haven't changed this. Yeah, they wont. Something about deleting and relisting is not allowed, so they make us jump through hoops and get annoyed as hell to get their point accross.
  11. Yeah, there has been a lot in the news lately about a heck of a lot of companies having account passwords hacked. http://time.com/3086191/russian-hack/ According to the story, something like 1.2 billion accounts were compromised!!! Maybe LL is just taking precautions.
  12. File a support ticket. They should be able to help you.
  13. This is the Magic Box.. it will be so nice when the damn things are gone. Back on the old xstreet site there were instructions for how to list items like that all in the same listing. Ask support for the instructions. If they cannot give them to you, ask for your case to be escalated to Dakota. She has been around long enough that she should be able to help you.
  14. Jez Ember wrote: I would love to know why LL restore habitual content thieves accounts and their MP listings within a few months of DMCA take downs? I can't understand how the DMCA can be interpreted to be a temporary request. I also can't understand how LL can have such little regard for creators that, having been given the asset IDs of exploited prims used for content theft, they do not erase the assets and permanently suspend the accounts that own them. How can a bug from five years ago be allowed to continue profiting content thieves today? I'm happy to name names to anyone who asks (I'm aware of 16 alts of the same content thief) although many creators will already know exactly who and what I'm talking about. I'm only not posting links here to eliminate any excuse to kill the post. Might this be taken more seriously if I get a lawyer involved with my next DMCA takedown and subsequent non-compliance? Has anyone tried that already? Jez Ember Games DMCA isn't temporary. You file a claim The item is removed/deleted If the person you filed a claim against files a counter claim, the item is restored and you are notified. You then have the choice to ignore the counter claim by doing nothing, or sue the person for copyright infringement. Each DMCA notice is by account by item. So if you have 1 person selling 10 items, you have to list all 10 items in the same notice. If the person sells the same item again, then you can file another notice for the repeat infringement of the same item, by the same seller, at this point, LL can either just remove the item, or they may suspend/ban the person. It will all depend on what LL's policies are regarding repeat offenders. If the person creates a new account, then sells the items, it is considered a new offence if they sell the same item again, since it is a new/different account. Basically you will need to file for each new account that is selling your items. One of the major problems is that the high courts have not yet received a case regarding multiple accounts owned/run by the same person, and dealing with digital content. So there is no onus on any company, LL, Google, Yahoo, etc., to do more to track who may or may not be running "alt" accounts. Sure, all of the offending accounts may be the same person behind the screen, but as someone else said, changing an IP address, changing a MAC address, using any number of stolen CC numbers can make linking the accounts with enough proof difficult. Unfortunately, you will just have to continue to file for each new account that crops up. Although if you do have the money, getting an attorney involved might be worth it so that you try to find out who is behind all of the accounts, and if they are the same person, you might consider taking them to court and suing them.
  15. Perrie Juran wrote: ObviousAltIsObvious wrote: this is fantasy. LL does not pay for enough resources to ensure that a few hundred destination guide entries remain valid. forget tens of thousands of inworld stores. But Linden Lab does know who pays Tier for land and could conceivably cross reference that. You can pretty much stop right there. While Linden Lab may be able to pull information on who pays tier, as you stated, there is no way to know what the usage is on the land. Not to mention that there is ZERO way for them to know who is paying for a store on private land, not mainland. This is an idea that would never fly, even if they actually ever considered it.
  16. MizzKittenzz wrote: To Wooja and the other dude; you don't have to "flame" me or reply rudely... The law don't apply to the web in this area. There is nothing unethical about getting and trading currency you've earned, ever heard of forex? Thanks to the other replies that were sincere, also may I add this though that btc is also worthless in and of themselves its simply a token representing a mathmatical problem solved by a computer. Bitcoins have value because brick and mortar companies will accept them as currency for trade for product. Just like any hard currency, like printed money or stamped coins. This makes Bitcoin a "real" currency. Since no company places value on the Second Like Tokens (Linden Dollars) they are not a "real" currency. Just as the "gold" you use to buy and sell items inside World of Warcraft is not "real" gold and has no value outside of the World of Warcraft universe. And the law does still apply to everything covered in Second Life. If it didn't, then users wouldn't have to include the income they make through SL on their yearly taxes and LL wouldn't be asking for tax forms that need to be filed. And DMCA would't apply. If you withdraw enough USD from Second Life you WILL have to report the funds on your taxes. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Commerce/Required-Tax-Documentation/ba-p/2336109 So yes, the law does apply. While there is nothing unethical about trading currency, Linden Dollars are not a real currency. They are an in world token. If you wish to engage in Currency Trading, your best bet is to stick to real currency exchanges, like Forex. Although even those are subject to legal action. http://www.forbes.com/sites/jonmatonis/2013/05/28/u-s-authorities-close-another-digital-currency-exchange/ http://www.nbcnews.com/id/3540930/ns/business-corporate_scandals/t/dozens-forex-traders-arrested/
  17. Check the name of the image file. Do not use anything in the name other than letters and numbers.
  18. MizzKittenzz wrote: I definitely didn't join to launder money, but maybe I'm biased but I don't see how selling btc for lindens, and then converting them to usd is laundering... I haven't done so or even tried yet, but you'd think they wouldn't mind if you only do a little bit because it still drives traffic to here and to the game. To me Bitcoins doesn't match the true definition of "money laundering", it's a real currency just the same as lindens is a real currency, and both are earned... While "money laundering" was originaly coined as a term to describe the process by which illegally gotten funds were hidden in such a way as to appear to have been legally gained, the term has come more to mean the converting of funds in such a way as to hide where they originated from, wether legally gotten or not. Since there are plenty of exchanges that will convert Bitcoin to USD, using Second Life to convert Bitcoin to Lindens then Lindens to USD can be considered mondey laundering. Linden Dollars are not a legal/real currency. There are an ingame token used for the buying and selling of virtual content. You can buy these tokens with US Dollars, and can also sell those tokens to others for US Dollars, but in and of themselves they are completely worthless outside of Second Life.
  19. While it may be "ok" to resell stuff you got for free, it isn't really ethical to do so. The creators have made the items available to others for free and for you to go along and sell them i norder to make money off of something others are giving away isn't a good policy. Not to mention that I have seen plenty of people leave really nasty reviews on listings when they find out they paid money for something that they could have gotten free elsewhere. You will eventually end up with a really bad reputation.
  20. The Xstreet web site is closed. Any links that point to that web site are outdated. In order to sell anything with No Copy rights, you need to add the item to the Magic Box then go to the Marketplace web site and create the listing there just like you do with regular items.
  21. insilvermoonlight wrote: edit: I have read the marketplace selling policies and the rules seemed to be geared towards selling and making a profit of of anothers copyrighted objects. I could be wrong, that's why I wanted to check here and get some opinions. I think you must have misinterpreted what you read. The Terms of Service clearly states that you may not sell products that you do not own the rights to, and the marketplace policies reiterate that. http://lindenlab.com/tos#tos2 2.7 You agree to respect the Intellectual Property Rights of other users, Linden Lab, and third parties. You agree that you will not publish, or submit to any part of the Service, any Content that is protected by Intellectual Property Rights or otherwise subject to proprietary rights, including trade secret or privacy rights, unless you are the owner of such rights or have permission from the rightful owner to upload, publish, or submit the Content https://marketplace.secondlife.com/listing_guidelines?#branding-guidelines Branded items may be listed or sold only by the brand or intellectual property owner or its authorized agents. Under US Copyright Law if you are sued by the copyright owner and found guilty, if the judge in the case finds that you willfully violated the law (meaning you knew you were violating the law but did it anyway) you can be fined anywhere between $200 and $150,000 per violation above and beyond what you owe to the owner of the copyrighted material. Do you really want to risk being sued and fined upwards of $150,000 for a few fake linden dollars?
  22. JustKelly wrote: Sell them individually and then also offer a fatpack with all or many of the varieties at a combined and then slightly discounted price. This!! As a consumer, it is great to be able to pick and choose which flowers/plants that I want. But it is always nice to know that I can get a small discount if I purchase in bulk. Wih flowers/plants, you can even nail down a few different ways of doing this. 1. Individual Plants 2. Fatpack of similar/same plants in different colors 3. Combination Pack. (Different flowers/plants all in the same group type, like Spring)
  23. It is a shame that you are just preaching to the choir. The people on this board actually care about what happens on the marketplace. Unfortunately, we only make up less than 5% of sellers and consumers. The vast majority of the sellers dont give one whoop about how what they are doing is screwing it up for everyone, including themselves. They just flat out do not care and even if a clue jumped up and bit them in the nose, they still wouldn't get it and still wouldn't care. I feel bad for the people who have to try to maintain and tweak the site to try to compensate for the stupidity of others and I am glad I do not have to do their job. Not only do they get smack from the complaints about how bad it is, they get smack when it isn't changed fast enough, or it is changed in a way that others don't like. While I admire the underlying vision that they have for the site, ya know, everyone has equal chance to compete and sell their stuff, maybe it is time to change the site into a showcase for the top 1000 sellers/creators and just be done with the junk, and scammers, and spammers, and other riff raff that show up.
  24. The Marketplace didn't, and hasn't, destroyed in world shopping. Lag, inability to find what you are looking for, cookie cutter mall type shops, they all kill in world shopping by making it a chore to search and find items, not the ability to buy on the Marketplace. It is hard to compete with others if you sell the same stuff, so you need to make you stand out. Not just your stuff, but you. Think about the last time you when shopping in world. What was good? What was bad? As a seller, you want to avoid the bad, and make the good stand out in a way that keeps people coming back to your store. As a shopper, I want to see what you have created, and I want to see it in a way that showcases what you created. Stop trying to have more stores than anyone else, and concentrate on 1 location that is going to last a very long time. I want to see and experience a show, not look at pictures on a wall. So, how can you impress me and keep me coming back as a shopper and make you stand out above all others? 1. Location. First and foremost I need to be able to find you. This means naming your land after your store. And keep it simple. Do not cram your land name with everything you create and sell. 2. Show off. I want to "see" what you created. I want to feel it, sit on it, walk around it, under it, touch it, etc. Sticking pictures on a wall doesn't let me do that. So keep that to a minimum. 3. Give me a reason to keep coming back. Simple changes can make all the difference. Showcase your newest/greatest items on a recurrent basis. That's it. Plain and simple. So, how DO you do that? Here are some examples. Landscaper - Spend time laying out the parcel like a well designed garden. Trees, walkways, garden walls, etc. And set everything for sale. This way I can walk around and see what the trees look like, and if I want to buy it, I can click on it and purchase it. You offer the trees in a different color etc put small pictures out next to the tree showing the other colors so that I can buy those if I want to. Furniture Builder - Rez a house on your parcel and decorate the house with your furniture, set the furniture for sale. This way I can walk into a kitchen and see what your design looks like. I can touch the counters, fridge, coffee maker, etc. and then I can buy it if I want to. I can walk into the bathroom and stand in the shower, or turn on the sink. Etc. If you sell the items individually as well as a set, set each item for sale for sale, then stick a small picture on the wall that acts as a vendor where I can buy the entire thing. You offer the same set in mulitple colors/finishes? Cool, put those as pictures on the wall as well. Photographer - Rez a building and place your artwork on the wall. Heck, make it look like a museum. If you sell the artwork, set each piece for sale. If you sell your services, add a notecard to the picture so that when I click on it, I am given a notecard with your store name, location, your name, your price list, and a way to contact you. Clothing Designer - Keep your wares separate. Women's, Men's, Childrens, etc. should all be in separate areas. Showcase your newest stuff. Use a model/manequin to show off 1 sample of the design, then use pictures on the wall to show the other colors. Always use your best selling colors and designs on the models. So a few more tips and tricks. Keep 1 main location. If you sell on the Marketplace, make sure your items and your store point to the main landing point at your store. Include a location to see the item in world on each item, but for god's sake, land the person AT the location of the item, not your main landing point where it will be a pain to hunt through your store to find the item.
  25. Most likely people who use gmail for SL are tagging the emails as spam and that prompted it to get added to the gmail filters by google. https://support.google.com/mail/answer/1366858?hl=en "What you need to know: After you report spam for several messages from the same sender, our system will learn from your behavior and might continue placing that sender's messages to Spam even if you don't specifically report them." Not much the lab can do about it since LL doesn't have any control over what google does with their gmail system.
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