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  1. Neve/ColdLogic would be worth a look.
  2. Appliers don't have skins in them, they have skin texture UUIDs (unique code identifiers) which apply to the mesh via scripts. You need to check with the creator of the applier to see if they include or have available classic body skins.
  3. Are you getting any particular message when you attempt to launch the viewer? Also, what is your hardware configuration ?
  4. Well , if you turn everything down to the lowest settings perhaps. Theoretically , SL will run on that, it' s just going to do it with most graphics options set to their lowest options to even be playable.
  5. If using Windows 10, you need to go into the settings then the Gaming option and disable the built in Game DVR, you can shut off all those things in there if you never plan to use them.
  6. What about Vulkan? Is it doable? Vulkan is the apparent next gen OpenGL from what I've read about it. Its cross-platform as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulkan_(API)
  7. Your best option is to turn down nearby avatars and substantially lower the complexity level. SL will run on a great many setups but you can't render that much on a setup like yours without lag pretty much. Also for Lillith, AMD still has current model dual cores, but they are APUs.
  8. I have always enjoyed the creativity of Second Life and the escape. I do wish they would change some fundamental things like updating the renderer to better harness all hardware, even those with lower end gear, and make the viewers better harness these whiz bang multicore cpus. Oh how great it COULD be!
  9. I have also experienced this and there is quite an easy fix! Go to my.secondlife.com , this is the feed site that you see in the profiles, simply log in and it should fix itself in a short amount of time. Hope that helps.
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