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  1. Strange names. Yeah, display names and actual account names can be confusing.
  2. They should just create a Facebook App where Residents who are also FB users can load SL from FB without running any external viewer like most FB games.
  3. Old school griefing. Just make sure you don't setup your land parcel to anything like enabling build and scripts.
  4. If you got banned from a place just find a new place to hang-out. There are thousands of places to visit in SL.
  5. I've never unfriended anyone but I noticed that many of my friends have not logged-in for years.
  6. Nice videos. Let them rolling. I'm enjoying each one.
  7. Not changing looks? That would be hard for the fashionistas.
  8. I also think that a true MMORPG would be difficult to make within the Second Life environment because of the current limits and I'm not talking about RP sims but MMORPG with AI monsters and creatures wandering about.
  9. First time I've heard of such a thing. Ask him again to clarify what he meant by it.
  10. Yes, I have the same problem. Does it mean flash is not updated? How do I update it?
  11. Yes, it could be harvesting passwords and IP like that Redsun thing that is making the news lately. That was scary.
  12. Is this like the one sent out by Linden Lab where respondents can have a chance to win L$10,000?
  13. Thank you. Do they have the new Media Filter included? I'm using Dolphin Viewer 1 and Dolphin Viewer 2 because it has that feature. If Impudence has it then I will go back to using Imprudence.
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