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  1. 1: Lower prices to increase land sales. 2: allow prims up to 100m to be made by premiums to drive up premium accounts. 3: create 512mx512m standalone islands for racing. This is very easy to do and will sell like hotcakes. 4: restore ownership of things in SL - just like land bought in Montana can't be taken out of the state, neither can land (or anything else) be taken out of SL. 5: initiate a "Welcome Home" program where people who abandoned islands can restart them again with no fee and no cost - just pick up the tier at the new lower rate once more and all is good. 6: create a G continent for the teens to be restricted to. Adults may enter it so educational ventures can work, but the teens may not enter the main grid. The bill-paying adults then are less worried about staying. These are all great ideas. Brilliant, popular, and free for LL to pick up and use. If only it were so simple! Thank you to Gentle Heron and the other non-profit people for taking time to post a response. I hope things work out for the best for all of you.
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