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  1. I am sorry that you are too sadly negative to be of any form of help or assistance to anyone and spend a great deal of your time avoiding being termed as a griever in SL. What do YOU contribute in SecondLife as an avatar/person behind an avatar? That said I also agree with you on the flip side only if anyone seeking the many benefits of a virtual environ are not mislead into the silly things that people love to do there as well instead of what and where serious aspects are conducted.
  2. Samuel Geiger says in response to Whet Snoodle: IN reply to Whet: Screw your therapies and wounded soldiers and shady charity collections, etc. First off, I don't think LL's legal team covers malpractice. Secondly, no Linden is certifying any sort of degree or other medical paperwork that the AMA might want you to have to perform your fake therapies. Thirdly, this is secondlife, not virtual therapy. I've got a couple buddies that came back with PTSD and a few holes in 'em, and I'll tell ya that staring at a screen full of cartoon porn and soap opera drama isn't helping them cope any, nor i
  3. Welcome Rod! I hope that your time with all of us turns out to be an enjoyable time. I am thinking that with you added aboard we can move ahead in interactive virtual capabilities ever deeper towards the emulation of actual life. I am hoping that with you we can also enhance the plausibilities of therapies extending from real life that people can benefit from to enhance and better their worlds outside of SecondLife. One suggestion would be to assist wounded soldiers with cognitive disorders with all that we are able to accomplish in SecondLife.
  4. I think it is very good that at least we can see clearly they are at least doing something with us in mind and if nothing else leading by example. I provide a free business ads kiosk network for any avatar that owns a SL business all peeps have to do to get and retain an ad is to keep me up to date and rez at least ONE 3 prim ad rotating kiosk where avatars can access and see it. I can tell you it is a lot of work at times AND I have to go around and check locations to be dead or live still since peeps are halfway to notify me of changes. Still... It is a rewarding thing to assist in the p
  5. I only say the question isn't answered yet cause the nice words of information that Ella so kind;y left (thank you Ella) I already know. Thank you Blue Linden for the informative advice. I am small fish in comparison to our friend here waiting to relocate his business mine is one too just way smaller. I can understand the wait and am waiting. It would be cool though if some form of even conversational information was exchanged in the meantime to at least keep everyone waiting passive with a better attitude. I am hoping that I will see you there soon some day soon! Please have a great d
  6. On the 7th of July I submitted a migration ticket to be considered for relocation of my 8704 sqm of Mature property in Emilia.  Are LL catching up on answering the tickets at all I have not seen anything yet.  A ticket I also submitted to offer a Veterans Memorial Monument for the new Memorial Land area was already replied to and I submitted that after the migration ticket. RE: Adult Migration Ticket Thank you for submitting your issue to us. The tracking number for your new ticket is #4051-6506320. You can track the status of your ticket in My Support History. If you have any que
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