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  1. I need a t-shirt made like this: http://www.hottopic.com/hottopic/Workaholics+Free+Karl+T-Shirt-198941.jsp That's it. T-shirt itself must be high quality and mesh. Feel free to post here or reach out to me in game to discuss pricing and show me any work you have on hand.
  2. I'm in search of a cocaine tray to put out on my coffee table. All I see are this Dr. Feel Good's and it looks awful. There certainly had to be somewhere to get high quality drug paraphenlia!
  3. Hi all, My wife has a mesh body. And so we're in the hunt for good quality, mesh, bondage clothing like latex cat suits and sexy heels. Can you make any suggestions to check out?
  4. Hi All, Me and my wife are in search of a quiet, private, peaceful homestead. We like to get away and have that quiet place to ourselves. It also must be in an adult region. We only need about ~2000-2500 prims right now. Feel free to post here or reach me in game. We plan on purchasing the lot we choose in 8 days, on the 30th.
  5. I just purchased a new large home and land for it, and I have PLENTY of room for toys! About us, we're a cuckolding couple. We are very kinky, and are looking for both quality & unique BDSM furniture. It could be quality OR unique, does not have to be both. Where are some shops to check out? I figured I'd ask here and get a good answer from all of you. Quality to me means looks, options, and how well the poseballs do. Things of that nature. But anything kinky would be great. Also, large gangbang objects would be great too, I'm not even sure where to begin looking for those.
  6. I'm looking to move into my own place and am currently looking for land. I haven't decided on a house yet but it needs to be in an adult region, have tons of privacy, and water. Please post your deals here and if I can pay in USD per month. Feel free to contact me in game or on here with offers. I don't know the house size yet do I do know we'll need that many prims, will report back with the house size soon.
  7. I want to be able to maximize my experience in Second Life and was wondering what dual graphics cards I should get? I also realize processor plays a big role but I'm still in a decision phase on that.
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