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  1. Unless they're wearing white past labour day or something. One must remember to confirm that they aren't from south of the equator before filing this particular grievance.
  2. . . . Uhh... you're $#!%@ing with us, right? ...right? Is Allen Funt around the corner with a camera? We're all going to go down to the bar right after this and laugh and laugh and laugh... right? Ha-have the Lindens finally taken to trolling their own userbase? This is either incredibly awesome or incredibly frightning. I don't know which. Someone hold me...
  3. Surprisingly simple answer for you, and it can be summed up with four words consisting of a name, a conjunction, and a noun exclusive to the SL vocabulary. Gene Replacement and megaprims. It's never been public record as to why, but many guessed that the ban placed on Gene was megaprim related, but one must remember that Gene was one of many accounts belonging to Plastic Duck, so it's simply speculation and one of many potential reasons for said permaban. So no, avatar bans don't automatically result in purged database items made by said account.
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