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  1. So, for anyone out there who has played Mass Effect one and/or two, im sure you've noticed the little omni tool thing that pops up occasionally whenever a character is talking through the radio, accessing a computer or etc.  I would have thought someone would have made a typing AO that has one of these pop up when you start typing, but I can not find such a thing, even on the marketplace.  So now im looking for someone who can build one that looks exactly like the orange omni tool from Mass Effect 2.  Attatched to the left forearm, and only pops up when you start typing (none of it visible while not typing.)  It also should include an animation that has your character lift his left arm up and start typing on it with his right hand.  I will pay for it, but it has to look good or don't even bother. 

  2. Every time I try to login, it says "Second Life cannot be accessed from this computer" 

    It let me log in just hours ago just find, and suddenly it is giving me this message when I try to login.  I have no emails from Lindon Labs saying anything disciplinary, this is a private computer and I'm the only one that uses it, the only one that logs into SL with it.  So I cannot understand why it would suddenly do this.

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