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  1. Hello, Im new deving here and got 2 questions.

    1. I wanted to ask if is it possible to make a Demo shape with Temp rezzer.

    I saw the demo temp rezzer on a curtain, and loved the idea.

    Why my question (and not make hands and feets at 100%)? Because mesh feet and hands.

    That would take the hands and feet at 100% of demos to a "nice and wearable size", so the demo shapes will become "wearable shapes", so I just removed all the demos of my listings.


    2. (and gues this should go to Mesh forum).

    Im a mesher on Imvu.com, worked there during 4 years and work with 3D Max.

    Is it possible to use 3D max for making mesh avatars here or only Blender?


    Ty so much and have a nice weekend :)


  2. Hi All, a doubt idk if someone has the same trouble but some of my objects are not working -example clear cache objects, none of them- i mean the free trunk/stump you see everywhere, a hammock that was not a freebie and a Pier that i used to love.

    I just 3 or 4 old things that are "not working" meaning animations are not showing, in the case of cache cleaning does "nada" just keeps my avatar sat there -.-

    Any clues of why or what can be happening, anyone else has this problem?

    Im in last version of Phoenix., tried last version of Firestorm and same thing, nothing...

    Thank you...

  3. My avatar loads  but I own more than 56,000 items and about 2000 folders do not "open" or have the little arrow to "open" them up and see the content., they are "closed" as if there was nothing inside.

    -Im not new, i dont mean the boxes, but he folders.

    I never saved them as SL 2 viewer.

    What should I do? I spent a lot of money here!

    Im getting desperate...

    Any hint would be highly appreciated...

  4. Hi guys, Im not sure if this post goes here.... but Im sure its due to technical errors.

    Why someone registered on Oct 19th this year can BUY or recieve gifts from Marketplace? Says items cant be delivered.

    Is there now a way to make a ticket? I can only see aswers from forums..

    Help will be highly appreciated.



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