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  1. It's 2019 and we still don't have an online DMCA form like literally every other major platform with art being distributed, and I think it's been a year now since I posted in the forums about it. I don't think I'm going to hold my breath for things to get fixed...
  2. Okay, thanks. I guess I'm going to have to go with a good mixture of both somehow and try to get the poly count as low as I can. I'm pretty much making my wings geared towards people who will be using ALM because it's going to look the best that way and I just don't want to go back to faked iridescence now that the real thing is possible. Maybe I can put one standard size set in there with a faked iridescent shine I guess, though even without that the AO texture would still be comparable to everything else I've seen on the grid. I also don't think a lot of people know that they can have ALM on with a medium quality setting because at first when I push the slider to the mid level it turns off ALM. But, we can go right back and click it on again and it works. I understand there are probably a lot of users that still would have trouble running that smoothly but maybe most people would save that setting for photos and stuff anyway and the faked iridescent textures I've made in the past will look strange when backlit anyway.
  3. When it comes to making meshes with a lot of detail versus meshes with low detail but a full materials set of resolution texture (larger than 500x500) including normals and specular maps, which is more taxing or laggy? Or would they be about the same? Is it better to add more detail in the textures or in the mesh itself?
  4. @Theresa Tennyson I had been considering using Marvelous Designer at some point in the future, but is that a program we should be avoiding all together or are there ways to optimize the meshes better that people are missing or not doing?
  5. At least Blender has a manual at all, now we just need one that is more SL specific. For instance, is there a single page in the forums, or knowledge base, with basic mesh tips all laid out that isn't outdated? Things like whether drawing vertices from scratch are the best method for low poly SL meshes, or what kind of topology it should be to not break when it's rigged? There are bits of info like this scattered around but no one central place unless I'm missing something. And if I am please prove me wrong with a link. I'm taking my time trying to figure out the workflow that works best for meshes for SL so that I don't become one of those creators that's putting out bad mesh or laggy items but I've had to go on a scavenger hunt to find out what I need. I had thought there would be a sticky in this forum especially with the basics listed and was surprised to see none. Also although the in-world creator groups are great, they are only productive if I'm actually in-world to receive the messages. Otherwise that information is just lost
  6. @Sasy Scarborough Thank you so much! I was not aware of the SL Creators Studio at all, no one wanted to invite me to the club yet I guess, haha. I'm just thankful that the recent wing infringement I came across in SL went surprisingly well when I notified the creator. It's rare that a person is actually willing to work with me and not biting my head off as if I did something wrong by trying to protect my own IP. I usually just file DMCAs to avoid stupid fights but if it's someone whose work I had respected and it seems out of place for them to have a copy of anything I'll contact them directly and I got lucky this last time. I still should have my own stuff out here in mesh though as that might make it harder for copies to flourish. I have been saving Youtube favorites, but haven't had categories and I should because they are adding up so that's good advice.
  7. Like, even the SL wiki is outdated and the supposedly helpful links to where we can learn about what they mention are dead and gone. It's just kinda sad, we just have to rely on community members to offer help and they can't always give it.
  8. Thank you @Motoko Oanomochi yes I agree. Text, with some visual guides or photos are the best. Test mainly because that is the best way to find a piece of information again after it's been possibly forgotten - and with learning curves as large as these with 3D programs, there will always likely be some forgotten tidbits that we need to go back and remember. It's hell having to re-watch hours of video and search through hundreds of bookmarks of tutorials just to find the relevant bit of information needed! But right now that's all we've got. I now copy and paste forum questions and answers into my emails as well so that at least that way I can search for the keywords and don't have to open a bajillion browser tabs.
  9. This!!! I've got a bookmarks folder with probably hundreds of different Blender and Avastar tutorials saved as well as dozens of Youtube videos on the same topic but like you say, they are all fractured and there is no one singular place to go to learn how to make a good usable mesh that won't cause problems later. Even the Avastar site and knowledge base, not everything we need to know is there and often the tutorials are out of date, referring to much older versions of a program. I had bought ZbrushCore over a year ago for if I wanted to dive in and someday sculpt more elaborate (but still properly topo'ed) meshes, but there's so little documentation and instruction for that particular program that it's tempting to give up on the whole thing. Even questions in the Pixelogic forum will go unanswered and supposedly it's moderated by the experts. Remember when software used to include a complete manual instructing us how to use every tool in it, thick as a bible? LOL That doesn't seem to exist anymore. I can't even keep track of the number of forums I've joined trying to find answers to what should be basic questions and a good portion of my questions are never answered. I just want to update all my wings to mesh as that is what SL users prefer now, and ripped off meshes of my designs make it into the Marketplace or Gachas well before I even have one mesh figured out. It's really easy to get discouraged. I would so happily pay for beginning-to-end tutorials of how to make good mesh for SL, hell I'd even pay for just a list of where to go to find them in the order they would need to be learned but I haven't even gotten responses from people I've asked for quotes from. It's exhausting.
  10. Yes, that's also an issue. I've searched all the usual marketplaces for 3D or mesh assets to see if my wings are in there because I had a pretty serious infringement on a big 3D site, but I never find any like what the infringers here on SL are using and if they did obtain a mesh elsewhere it hasn't been disclosed to me. Maybe there's more of them than the ones I have found or they are being sold on a platform from a different country where my search terms would not find anything.
  11. I'm wondering if infringers now more commonly use Gachas if they are selling content they know is infringing or copied from someone else's art, have others noticed an increase with IP theft since gachas became a thing? I only ever find out about them much later after the release, once someone decides they want to sell theirs and even then they are easy to slip by since it's always the poster with all the contents that are shrunken down in the image and harder to detect stolen content. It seems like for me anyway, most of the copies of my work are being distributed in gachas - and disappointingly, I've found a few otherwise well respected and established stores doing it too, copying designs I've been selling here since 2007 Usually it's a copy of my wings marked as a 'rare' and I imagine they make good money off of people repeatedly spending in hopes of getting the rares, profiting a good amount off of my IP even if the copy isn't being sold directly with every purchase to the gacha. Also we are stillllll waiting for an online DMCA form, LOL
  12. Ah! Sorry to confuse your comment with hers. Alright, so as long as I don't break the hierarchy I'm good. Is that elephant tutorial the one with the most relevant instructions for what I'm talking about then or would you recommend something different?
  13. Okay cool, that's what I thought initially but then when you said we can't export it as is to SL, I thought you meant that the resulting animation wouldn't work either. I'm glad my first assumption was the right one. I'm thinking now that the hind legs might be the best ones to use, move them to right below the wing bones, and then the hind leg bones that have been moved right below the wing bones, can I make them follow the animations that the wing bones are doing in a similar way? I'm assuming yes, but I am worried about messing up the order of bones in the chain and having it break the whole thing. I haven't had a chance to open Blender and check it out but that is the direction I think I'm going.
  14. Ah, well I assumed that the IK spline would just function to constrain the SL bones being animated, to get them positioned the way I want and then that's how it gets saved when exported. Is that not how it would work? Would the spline only be useful for animations that stay in Blender or can be exported to other 3D programs?
  15. Is the Venus the one with the smallest waist-to-hip ratio? I would love to dress my avatar in a corset that looks like a legit corset and we unfortunately never got waist size sliders for body shapes. Though I guess good tight laced corset mesh with alpha maps on the waist could do it too, but even better if no alphas are needed! I currently only have a Maitreya Lara body but am considering a new one...
  16. Thank you @OptimoMaximoaximo! Sounds like the bezier curves in Illustrator, so maybe I might prefer that method
  17. What would I WANT to see brought to SL this year? As @Drake1 Nightfire said, fleximesh!!! That would be the biggest, because seriously, neither the rigged meshes nor the flexis look right as a skirt. I also wish that the materials could render velvet, but we don't always get what we want... But because we may never see that day, I guess I'm going to have to buck up and make mesh fairy wings. And clothing, as I now realize that I'd have more customers if I were to sell something that human avatars might want.
  18. @OptimoMaximo Thank you! So, would I just create a new bone chain that matches the existing bento wing bones and then parent that chain to the existing bones (like Medhue does with this elephant trunk here: or is an IK spline something different altogether that is not a duplicate set of bones that's matched up to the bento bones?
  19. You mean the Bendy Bones video, or do you mean that's what I need to learn to make the animation I'm wanting? Oh and now I know what I was trying to explain earlier - inverse kinetic bone constraints. Maybe there is some way I can utilize that to get the movement I want, but what I really wish is that it worked backwards - and not just the way that the forward kinetics would work because that makes all the child bones move along with it in a stiff way. What I would like to be able to do, is move the first wing bones at the base and have the rest of the chain follow but as if the joints were slightly loose so the whole thing would curve. It's possible there's something like that as an animation or plugin in a 3D marketplace to purchase, but then it might not work with Avastar and SL anyway. I came across one called "Tail Animator" sold in the Unity marketplace that looks just like what I would want to do, but I'm pretty sure it's not SL compatible. Oh well! Thanks all for your help, I appreciate it.
  20. Pretty sure this is a custom rig or skeleton and we can't do this with Blender & Avastar, but I wish we could!
  21. Ah ok. I was hoping maybe there might be some trick to getting the bones to react a certain way in Blender similar to the existing joint limitations - I'm forgetting at the moment what the technical term is. That option you check so that the skeleton bones can only be positioned or animated in ways that are physically possible for the human body, it would be neat if there was one that could create drag of some kind.
  22. Now, when animating in Blender, is it possible to make the bones being animated behave as if in certain atmospheric conditions, like say, underwater so that if I move the wing bones at the base there is lag when the others move as if they are encountering wind resistance or water?
  23. Ah! That would be fabulous! I won't hold my breath but I hope eventually this happens.
  24. Thanks Kyrah. For some reason I'm not getting all my notifications either in my email or here in my dashboard, so I didn't see your reply til now. Ok, so I guess I'm confused about how weight maps work then. It seems like logically, let's say if I weighted a flat panel to a straight bone and weighted it so that both ends are weighted to really stick, and then towards the middle hardly any weighting, that when that bone moves the middle should bow as if it were fabric. But so, SL doesn't have mesh physics that react that way yeah? Weighting is only for how fitted meshes are to either an avatar's skin or bones and if an area is not weighted it just doesn't respond to appearance sliders and avatar animations yes? Then I guess my next question would be if I could copy my current wing bone animations to the hind bones if I want to make the wings mesh and utilize an upper and lower set of bones.
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