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  1. I hate typical facelights... I've seen people whose facelights were so bright that when they tp'd out of a good-sized club, the entire place went dark, and I have to avoid standing near people who wear them because my skin gets completely washed out by their reflected glory. On the rare occasion that I need a facelight, I use the Niight Adjustable Beauty Light 2.0, which uses windlight to very, very subtly light your face without changing the entire environment around you. Mind you, if you're used to using a typical facelight, this one will seem *too* subtle to you -- but give yourself time to get used to it, and you'll see it's actually perfect.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I have a few good places to look now. I guess what I was hoping for was that *because* Curio skins have a particular look to them, someone could give me pointers on who might sell a skin with a similar look. I know that look works well with my shape. I have particular trouble with skins where the nose is too narrow and not all rounded at the end, or where the lips are too sharply defined and have a different shape. As for the merits of painted-on lashes vs. prim lashes, I just plain don't like the way the painted-on ones look. It's a personal preference.To me, prim lashes over painted-on looks like I'm wearing sloppy eyeliner. I'd love to see designers selling simple, unmade-up skins with custom tattoo layers. On the other hand, when I look at makeup layers on the Marketplace, I can find lots of nice, natural-looking lips (I have the (Ag) Bitten Lipstain Pack, and it's *perfect*)... but the eye makeup is usually too heavy and dark for my taste. I suspect skin makers would end up doing much the same thing. I was a raging tomboy in my teens, and I just never really got into wearing makeup; at 44, I look weird to myself when I wear more than a sheer hint of color. I guess I just carry that preference over into my avatar.
  3. Oh, for... Behold, the new Curio demo skin closest in skintone to my old one, using the exact same alpha as yours: There's no difference using a lash alpha, because the lash alpha hides system lashes, which, as I've been attempting to explain, are not painted onto the skin, but are rather part of the shape. Behold, the same experiment using system lashes: I can't make it any clearer than that.
  4. Apparently I wasn't clear enough. My problem is not with system lashes, which are the ones you can adjust using the sliders in the Appearance menu and mask out using the abovementioned alpha (which I already have). System lashes are part of the shape, not part of the skin. I have a problem with lashes that are painted onto the skin texture. An alpha that masked them out would also mask out the eyelids, because they are both part of the skin. It would look something like this: Now, that's what I call sexy. Does everyone get it now?
  5. I know I don't have to wear prim lashes, but I prefer them. And the skins I'm talking about don't have system lashes, which are actually part of the shape, not the skin -- they have lashes painted on as part of the makeup, and I don't like the way they look.
  6. I've been wearing the same Curio skin for at least a year and a half, and it's starting to look a bit out of date. Unfortunately, the new Curio skins have different skintones, none of which look right to me, and have painted-on eyelashes, which I loathe. I asked the creator whether the skintone was adjustable and/or if she planned to release versions without the eyelashes painted on, she said, and I quote, "I guess you'll just have to shop somewhere else." Hey, if that's what she wants... I don't want to change my look significantly, just go to something a little more realistic. Here's the Curio skin I wear most often, with no added makeup (but with prim lashes): Key preferences: Similar facial contours - I started out with a freebie skin that looked a lot like this one, and it took me a year to find one that looked enough like "me" to upgrade.No more made-up looking than this, i.e., no dark eyeshadows or heavy liner and *no* painted-on lashes! The other versions of this skin I have are even less made-up.Close to the same skintone - I'm willing to go a tiny bit darker or lighter, but not pinkerFull-body freckles, not just cheeks and noseAny suggestions?
  7. All week I've been trying to connect with a particular contact. We never appeared online for each other, and we did not receive IMs we tried to send each other until our next login. This morning, we confirmed via timestamps and email that we had both been online during these times. Neither of us had set the other to see us as offline. (In fact we'd both been rather keen to see each other.) This morning when I logged in, all my contacts showed as offline, both in my contact list and in their profiles -- but one of my SL friends was standing right next to me. In local chat she confirmed she also showed everyone as offline. She IMed me and we were then able to see each other online. She recommended a process she'd once been given by LL when she was ghosted, so I did it -- cleared cache, logged out, rebooted computer, powercycled modem and router, then relogged into the Cyclops ghost login sim. Suddenly a dozen contacts were showing online and I was able to IM them. The friend I've kept missing is supposed to be online shortly, and I've asked him to shoot me an email when he logs in, just in case we still show as offline to each other, but in the meantime, has anyone else run into anything like this? It started for me on 8/27.
  8. I accept people as they present themselves in SL, whatever way that might be, as long as I don't feel like they're being maliciously dishonest. In SL, I'm younger and hotter than I am in RL, but otherwise I'm just who I am -- sometimes in ways that aren't possible in RL due to the limitations of physical reality. (No, in RL I can't dance like Ginger Rogers, nor can I spend an entire weekend hogtied and dangling from a hook -- but in SL I can, so why not?) If someone asks me a direct question about my RL, I'll tell them the truth. I have no reason to lie. If my age or my weight or my real hair color or what I do for a living really matters to them, I might as well tell them and get it over with. What matters to me is people's intent. If who and what they appear to be in SL is a legitimate facet of their RL identity, or even just a character they enjoy playing and are willing to commit a significant amount of time to, that's fine. If they're running five alts of varying gender, species, and sexual preference, all of whom are in "monogamous" relationships with people who have no idea about the others, I can feel reasonably certain their intentions are not entirely benevolent. If I found out someone I was dating in SL was a woman in RL, I'd want to know why they didn't tell me up front. "Because I believed that Our Love would transcend sexual preference and you'd give up men to come live with me in my radical lesbian man-hating commune" would not be a good answer (not that I have anything against man-hating lesbians; I just don't happen to be one). "Because I prefer to play a straight male avatar in SL" would be OK -- although really, I'd prefer they either told me up front or never let me find out the truth. On the other hand, if you're just experimenting, trying on the other sex for size, I do think it's unfair to get involved in a serious relationship with someone who doesn't know the truth. Even if you have no intention for the relationship to go RL, our feelings are 100% real, and people can get hurt pretty badly. If you're not committed to being the person as whom you present yourself in SL, keep things casual... and at the first sign that they're getting serious, tell the truth and take the consequences. Some people won't care; other people will be seriously freaked out, and whichever reaction you get, you're just going to have to accept it.
  9. I've been wearing a Curio skin (Opaline in Blossom) for over a year, and I love it -- but it's starting to look a little dated. I noticed Curio had released their next generation skins, so I went to take a look. And they're gorgeous, I'll give you that -- but I was disappointed by two things. * The skin tones have been changed, and none of them quite match what I have (of the nearest two, one is too pale and the other is too pink) * The eyelashes are painted onto the skins (not quite enough on their own, but they don't look good with prim lashes either) I sent a notecard to the creator telling her how much I liked the new skins, asking if it would at least be possible to get the skins without the painted-on eyelashes. Her reply was, and I quote, "I guess you'll have to shop somewhere else." OK, fine, I'll shop somewhere else, then. The trouble is, I'm very happy with my avatar's overall "look", and I don't want to make any major changes -- what I really want is just the skin I have, only more realistic. I'd like to find a skin that looks as much like the Curio freckled skins as possible, with a very natural, minimal-makeup look and no painted-on eyelashes. Recommendations, anyone? And while I'm here... am I the only one who hates the painted-on eyelash thing?
  10. That's my primary complaint too -- I use the camera controls all the time, and being unable to have instant access to them drives me completely nuts. I hate the sidebar too, and am glad to hear that the windows on it have been made undockable, but give me back my camera control!
  11. I love the classic clouds. My land is up high enough that sometimes they roll in and make my parcel foggy... reminds me of when I lived in the San Francisco area.
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