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  1. Yup, they're still operating. I went to a clothing store for a riotvend and Riley Z popped in. They were regulars on a sim I used to rent on at the end of last year and another I used to visit, roleplay, combat, and shops type place, and I thought for a while it was a friend's alts, but no. I haven't seen them yet where I currently reside. Incidentally the "Stop Right There Crasher Scum" and other HUD system mentioned earlier in the trhead are now no longer available or working, I'm told the SRTCS database was no longer accessible, and the other HUD is no longer listed on marketplace. So.. these bots are not likely to be related to those systems unless there's a sneakier one in use still.
  2. I'm in the UK and also having this problem. It is the new local payments system, fouled up, I think. I called the UK billing support number and got put through to a lady who told me they only handle US billing. She also told me that despite the notices that "its all fixed now" they are still getting calls about there being a problem.
  3. I'm not overly bothered about being impersonated. I'm not a high profile resident, I have robust friendships and no income at all from SL. I put a link to this page in my profile and tweeted once about it, because I believe that people should know what LL are saying about the changes. I was also concerned about the service I'd recieved a notecard advert about (I still don't know how I got on that mailing list, I've never bought a Zyngo machine) as it was apparently based on the initial LL post about Display Names and not taking the revisions into account. When Emerald was due to be banned I had several friends asking what was going on, they had clearly not read the official announcement and were relying on second and third hand news (chinese whispers).
  4. I notice in the original blog post about Display Names, it was claimed that residents had been asking for this feature. I think what you just discribed is in fact what most wanted - the ability to change their account name, not to add another line above their heads instead/as well as account name, titler, and group tag.
  5. Hopefully, that concern will be covered by this: "Improvements to chat so that you can see username if you wish to and so that chat logs include notification of any display name changes by anyone present." From initial post.
  6. I guess I'm kinda hoping that LL will somehow inhibit people going around pretending to be me, without me having to pay someone extra for it (darnit, now I've probly given LL the idea to make it a perk of Premium to keep your name safe.)
  7. "I personally, don't desire the protection of your service, but now I feel compelled to register with it... not because I want to stop others from using my name (let them, I don't care)... but because I don't want someone else REGISTERING my name as their own." Having had another thing, This ^ is exactly my problem with it. Someone decides to register my account name with you and I'm going to be banned for being myself? Lets not forget that registering in this case isn't official in any LL way, simply a service in-game. Should things like this result in people getting banned from (if the service providers are to be believed) a lot of land when they have done nothing?
  8. Its only L$500 until December, according to the notecard I got. I'm amazed anyone's signed up before Display Names are finalised. But then probably a lot of people who got the advert don't know to check the blog here to keep up to date.
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