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  1. I tried imvu, its more like a 2d scroller game from what i remember, you can hardly move. Unless they changed it completly i dont see it being anything at all like being in SL except that you can talk to other people.
  2. here my gripe, Newest V3 finally fixes the insane performance issue when clickign on inventory, yay, i can use Viewer 2/3 again. OOPPPPPPS, i cannot save group notice attachments. hahaha, cant use Viewer 2/3 again. I can only hope i eat my words here and its something that i have done Can you image if Viewer 2/3 was the only viewer, I am sure the population would decline 20% just from the silent frustrated users. If theres anyone that is an expert at Q/A this type of Software, Linden Labs needs you badly.
  3. Shiori Carter


    :matte-motes-nerdy my alts surrogate now whats her own, its crazy, you can only control them so long
  4. AR - Abuse Report. You could try to submit a ticket: https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/ :robotwink:
  5. i think you are in poop :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: An AR to say i rezzed my nocopy stuff on someone land and i want it back, but I am banned from the sim. I dont know, but i am curious to see what happens, since rezzing nocopy stuff for friends is always risky if you really want that stuff back, like my dress that is in someones elsse inventory that cost a fortune, and it wont come back to my inventory hahahhah, god, never let anyone in your closet
  6. Phoenix cannot add layers, and of course outfit support is not really there. For me thats the only reason i will flip to V2 sometimes, usually to save myself since the old you are a cloud, you cannot stop being a cloude, character test time happens so much these days, outfits are my backup. But now V2.8 has an irritating delay everytime i click an inventory item. No matter how hard i have tried, its always back to a non V2 based viewer. At this rate, it will take them until 2015 to have a V2 viewer that actually performs, i will forgo seeing shiny mesh over a non irritating experience.
  7. its a feature added by those who have no clue what the use cases are, how people actualy use it. Plus the performance of 2.8 is amazinging twitchy, just clicking on an inventory item causes little hang ups. Lets just say, the user experience with V2 is enough to make you want to just leave, its suppose to get better, but by 2.8, the core experience has declined. I was at a live show, the vocals were totatly distorted, the performer asked does it sound ok, and someone said it sounded great. That exactlyl what you hear from people who think V2 is so great.
  8. :matte-motes-dead: I think its the opposite, those with there arms to long looks like apes trying to walk. So, you can push you arms down, but it just does not look right in SL to me, like i said, you look like an monkey.
  9. hi do not give out you username and password, your account will be suspended if they detect usage outside of your area at the same time. Do fix your problem, the best way is to do a character test. Phoenix is: Advance -> Character -> Character Test -> Test Female That will put you back to a newby startign avatar. Then you can rebuild you avi from y our inventory.
  10. Hi There at the root level , you can only do one thing to fix it, file a ticket, and have them run the database utilities. Happened to me, took 2 months to get it fixed, be very careful what you say in the ticket or it goes around a few times :matte-motes-grin:
  11. :smileytongue: It part of the new feature set that started way back with Version 2.0 , keep an eye our for more great new features
  12. There is only one suggestion i can think of, go back to the first and last name, which is not going to happen. I guess they could make you pick a sign in id, then pick a unique first and last name, and never display the sign in id. Display name can stay the same since a long tag is nice to have as roles are to short. So, basically go back to what it was, but tack on the signid that is only used to log in. Also, for people with minimum synaptic activity, you can still make a first and last name with no space, like, CindySingledigit :smileyvery-happy: (Names can be up to 31 character, and that name is still free so dont delay, go get it now)
  13. boo If there not performing the music, ie playing the instrumetns, singing, mixing it then streaming it, then there not live, there just streaming someone elses music, so there DJ's. If they are actually playing the music, and they play all one bands music then that would be a tribute band. For me its simple, if you dotn play it, its DJing. So far i have only seen on true live tribute band in SL, the iron maidens (Forget there name, 4 women doing iron maiden tracks, this was long long time back)
  14. boo :smileyhappy: Make a thread for you favorite in world musicans: None of these musicians use backing tracks, its all 100% live, and the sound quality is very professional. Von Johin - Acoustic, blues/folk. High quality equipment equals high quality sound. NANCE brody - Acoustic, all original songs, great entertainer, incorporates you inot her songs, so watch out :) High quality sound. Komuso - Gritty dirty bluesy. High quality sound, but highly processed sometimes. MoShange Zhao - Jazzy downtempo, found sound. Original music, but mixed, and i think he does some playing over top of his found sound mixes, and will loopback his spoken words into the track as well. So not 100% live i dont believe, but not 100% sure either, since it electronic style. thats my top 4, there are a LOT more though
  15. Boo :smileyhappy: All you need right here: http://slfreebdollarbluckychairhunts.blogspot.com/ http://slhunts.wordpress.com/category/grid-wide-hunts/ After 1 month you will be amazed, of course for a newbie newbie its a little harder, but those two site will tell you just about every freebie,gift,lucky board,hunt etc in SL My .resident avi looks better then i do now after one month, and she spent 0L. I am so going to pixelate her ass :smileyvery-happy:
  16. More wowie I added a undershirt layer and it took off my hair And other could see me bald while it figured out how to add my undershirt layer Not sure what else it removed, but wow. its pretty funny actually, put on a shirt lose your hair for a bit
  17. Setting it to default to download deserve plenty of shouting to the lab. Its like being kicked in the head then told you could have ducked after your head is mushed flat.
  18. meow Private notes is not showing up for me, is there something else you need to do, or just a mega bug. Also my profile picture for sl is cropped one the left and right side. Let the bug list commence And defaulting that auto install is very crappy, i had this update auto install on me, i had no clue that feature was even in there. Still there is no proper control for local lights, but thankfully its off at least for me it is, maybe thats a bug to
  19. boo I am, will be, and always have been, 25 I might show my ankles for pie
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