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  1. Hi Josie, There technically isn't a limit to inventory size, but unfortunatly, after your inventory 100,000+ items your avatar may have some problems logging on into Second Life and may need to clear your cache to be able to log onto the grid. Hope this helps, Carlos Kirshner
  2. Hello Everyone! I thought of a great username that I wanted to get, but unfortunatly someone has gotten it from within days of when I started trying to find different names to get for different alts. The name unfortunatly hasn't been used and is 110+ days old and I know that it would be a really special present for a friend. I attempted to try to contact the owner of the username and even offered to buy the name to no avail. Is there any recycling period for usernames after a certain time if the person doesn't use the name at all? I wouldn't mind purchasing the transition of a username tha
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