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  1. Hey everyone, thanks for all your feedback!

    The big plan is to have 3 sims full of different RP groups, creating one large one. Eventually I hope to have your standard RP city, with a run down corner of it for Urban crime etc, there will also be a prime minister role overlooking the running of the city and all the roles you can associate with a city rp sim. Another branch of the three sims would be the three arms of military. Having a navy, raf, and army base which is why I wanted to bring in a royal family rp. There will be a palace on the ground to live in, and prince/princess roles up for grabs eventually, with other manors for any aristocracy roles etc. I just thought I'd see if anybody fancied doing a bit of relaxed RP in my current residence whilst I put it all together. I spend a lot of time there as I build the sims and fancied a bit of friendly company is all! 

    As the owner of the 3 sims unfortunately I've given myself the role of King so sorry about that haha! Not looking for anybody to order around like some dictator.  It's a modern day rp and as a veteran rper I know that there are rpers interested in every role!

  2. Hey everyone, I'm currently looking to kickstart various RP groups. One of them being a Royal Family RP. My partner and I are looking for some Royal Guards, Butlers and Maids. If anyone is interested in joining please IM me in world:


    Diablo Guffey

  3. Just opened a new rental sim and in need of some smart, cunning estate agents to join the team! Stop by our head office in Guffdon any time for full breakdown of what we are looking for and to chat. Experience in the rental market [RL or SL] preferred but not necessary as full training will be provided. All we ask is you have a presentable and professional avi whilst wearing our tag and performing your duties. Great commission rates and you can work as much or as little as you like, depending on how large you want your pay check to be at the end of the week!

    [If you're looking to make good SL bank, with a fulfilling employment in world apply ASAP. Roles are limited and usually fill up fast when we open recruitment.]

    Many thanks

    Diablo Guffey

    Managing Director

    Also ignore the forum age, only just began posting here... have been in world since 06

  4. Hello everyone!

    I have been a resident of Second Life since 06! Due to recent circumstance I have been forced to try and think outside the box and have decided to finally try and make something of my second life! I'm really nervous and worried I may have over extended myself haha, but nothing ventured nothing gained!  So without further ado: Introducing Guffdon Estate!

                                        LIMITED OFFER
                                  PRE-SIM COMPLETION
    We know how appealing it is to our tenants to live on a well landscaped and maintained sim! That's why we have cut our prices by a huge 50% for you whilst we continue building our new sim, which will become the crown jewel in our virtual portfolio!

    Once the sim is finished completion, we will give you an extra month at this massively reduced cost, and contact you to open up a conversation with you on what the final rental price will be once the sim reopens!


    ABOUT D&A:
    D&A Properties and Investments brings homes and properties of all sizes, styles and most importantly price points to Second Life. What does that mean? It means no matter your tastes or budget, we have a home for you!

    Guffdon Rental Estate, where the many become the few! What does that mean? Well, Guffdon is a sim wide Rental Estate where tenants from all walks of life (the many) come together and form a tight knit, friendly and nurturing community (the few)! 

    The crown jewel in our portfolio and the very centre of operations, Guffdon is a residential estate filled with tenants from all walks of life and price points, with two major communal areas, the gardens and the club, by renting here not only do you get your dream home but also become part of a friendly and supportive community! Also, we're just a stone's throw away when you need us when renting in Guffdon!





    HEAD OFFICE SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Guffdon/35/125/22

    On behalf of everyone here at D&A Properties and Investments we thank you again for choosing us to serve your rental needs! 

    We're here when you need us,
    Diablo Guffey
    Managing Director

    Gated Guffdon_001.png

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