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  1. With the majority of "celebrities" crying out for attention and posting totally tone deaf bollocks, this did make me smile.
  2. Being able to sleep in and not having to get up at 8:15am to get in line at the supermarket! MCDONALDS!!!
  4. They cycle down the middle of car lanes here, no longer keeping to the left and it's a pain in the hiney!! Not to mention the pedestrians that walk on the road and the electric scooterers!!! I get that there is no longer than many cars on the road and that people are out walking a lot more these days as it's about the only thing we are allowed to do here still...but some of us are essential workers who need to get to work and road rules still apply!!! *End of this rant*
  5. This getting up to do the grocery shopping at 8:30am is killing me...mainly cos I'm a horrendous insomniac and typically don't get to sleep till after 5am. Cyclists who now think they own the roads cos not many people are driving at the moment are peeving me too!
  6. I wish you all the best with keeping your RL going. I know I am luckier than most being able to still work. This kinda reminds me of something that happened a year or so ago where a resident was doing a fundraiser because they were losing their RL home, but they still managed to pay their SL sim tier. Priorities!
  7. I did read it. Getting your income from SL is a choice. So to say those people are more entitled than the rest of us is insulting. And as someone else pointed out, business has been booming here in SL lately. It's been harder to get into events or to get into some stores. Not long ago Marketplace was posting "too many people on the site" error messages, and logins are up from where they have been. People on my friends list who haven't logged in in forever are suddenly back because nearly everyone is in lockdown and this is now becoming their main source of entertainment.
  8. The free head is the Genus Strong, which is probably why. As Matty says, get the Omega kit thingie
  9. Is that the people who earn the least in SL or in their RL? Because as an essential service worker who earns slightly over minimum wage, yet is still required to leave the house every day to go out to care for the more vulnerable people who cannot look after themselves...well I don't need your standing up for me, especially over an issue where - as everyone says - it's a luxury and not an essential requirement to life. If you cannot pay for your tier/premium/the new hair from Truth, maybe get your priorities in order and spend your isolation time doing something more productive than trying to make others pay for your funtimes. As for me, I will be paying my premium at the end of the month for the next three months as usual...no bitching from me about the cost!
  10. You are very welcome Now just don't tell anyone I was nice
  11. Considering they tend to apply for any and every job going...I'm thinking not the sharpest crayon in the pack.
  12. There are a couple of BOM skins in the Secret Sale Sunday event from 7 Deadly Skins that are shown on a Genus head, so obviously Genus compatible...and these are 50L each as well....but only for today!!!
  13. Finished CSI and now onto Forensic Files again. I keep getting told to "stop getting ideas!!!"
  14. If you join the Genus group (its free at the moment) there is a gift skin at the mainstore right now, along with the Strong head for free. Also check if the Belleza Fifty Linden Friday skin is still available instore. Its a Genus applier and 50L. It was still available a few hours ago. But yes, also check MP for Genus gacha appliers. You may be able to find some for 100L or less. Edit - Yes the Belleza applier is still available, so hurry!!!
  15. Omg you genius!!! Thank you so much xx
  16. Dunno if this is a case of needing to tick/untick a box or if it's just how lighting is in SL nowadays....but is there a way to get rid of the glowing patches that show up on my face when taking pictures in ultra graphics, besides spending time editing them out?
  17. Marigold reminded me of all the fun stuff friends and I used to get up to....which included wearing Nutella jar avatars and going to strip clubs and buying lap dances, and my fav...wearing fat shapes and going to latex events using noob dances and just having fun! Yes I have video of that!
  18. Oh it's true. She was highly embarrassed when I told her I was making it all up and to never believe me! One thing to note...this is the same person who, when I mentioned it was fricken freezing in July (which is winter here), said "Omg you mean it's nearly Xmas?"
  19. I guess my feats are more convincing people of stuff. 1. I was in a club back in 2009 and the conversation was about why there are condoms in SL. So I piped up with that there needs to be condoms in SL cos if you have sexytimes with someone who has prim ladybits, well that's where prim babies come from and then LL will make you pay prim baby support etc. The guy ACTUALLY believed me! 2. An old SL boss of mine was EXTREMELY gullible. I convinced her that NZ does not have the Easter bunny, we have the Easter Pukeko (pic attached). Being a school teacher, she went to school the next day and told all her students about the Easter Pukeko. Moral of the story...I'm full of poop!
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