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  1. I *may* have a bit of a problem...
  2. Okay just been shopping...
  3. Well damn, now I wanna know how much I have....after I sleep I think!
  4. There isn't enough time to list all my hair.
  5. Are you an uber sociable person who enjoys interacting with and bringing the fun to others in Second Life? Are you full of energy and ideas and need an outlet for it? Do you want to work with an awesome team dedicated to supporting you in all you do? If you answered yes to all those, then I need you! BellaTECH Nation is a growing community of people who want to socialize and have fun through all Second Life time zones. As Chief Unicorn in charge of all the things, I need helpful minions to help me organize and run events and fun things for the community to participate in. Your Duties. 1. Be a sounding board and help come up with ideas for events, clubs, anything to involve the BellaTech community. 2. Help organize and promote the events - set up, staff, see it runs smoothly, etc. 3. Come up with ways to get rid of Fyrebird. 4. Interact with the community in the group chat and be a sociable, bubbly face for BellaTech Nation. Your Rewards. 1. You get to work with me! Lucky lucky you! 2. A free Bella Pointe skydome rental with 1500 prims worth 6,000L/month. 3. A tip jar at any event you organize and host with 80% of tips going to you. 4. Rampaging rights through the Gimme Gacha Blogger Rooms. If you are interested in becoming a BellaTech Fun Minion, then fill out the application form. I will be shortlisting and having interviews in early March. I'm happy to answer any questions, but please, apply through the application linked below. Application Form Jordan Whitt.
  6. I wouldn't stress it too much. Judging by their flickr stream, you wouldn't have been seen in their pictures anyway.
  7. It's probably not. However, I did click the link and it took me to the SL signup page. Guess I was in a "seeing naked chicks" mood that day?
  8. Volkstone does also sell hair. You checked it's not one of theirs?
  9. I feel your pain. I'm a conversationalist also and have pretty much given up trying to meet people to talk to. Now I just log in, play Barbies with my avi and then log out.
  10. I have seen it advertised plenty of places. Youtube, for example, has been running short video adverts for SL before videos on things like the art scene, social scene etc. I have even seen it advertised on other sites in the "make your dream woman and have sexytimes with her" vein of things. I did screenshot that one!
  11. As of right this minute... 129, 781 items. It should also be taken into account I have over 3,000 unopened blogger packs in need of opening and sorting through.
  12. First time I have ever been classified as sane...
  13. Interesting insights and perspective. But did you honestly need to copy and paste this into so many threads, as well as have it with its own thread?
  14. Oh how I missed the days of newness when one did wonder things like this! My fav was the chick in a club who asked how she could remove the box above her head that said "demo" from the Truth hair she had just "bought".
  15. Those endlessly annoying as all feck belly talkers!!! Actually ANY body part talkers.
  16. Could be from Doux. My guess - Tati.
  17. This makes me happy! Now if only I could get rid of the pages of gestures in the animations section...
  18. Nothing to add...except my appreciation of the thread title!
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