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  1. I have seen it done on clothing that was then given away as a free gift at events as a way of promoting the store, but never as something actually being sold. Another example, Dead Doll currently has a competition going where you are given a logo'd shirt and you have to wear it in your entry picture. It's a nice shirt too btw. But no, I would not buy or wear logo'd clothing for the same reasons you gave. And also because I just don't like it.
  2. Yes they were all me. Was a nightmare switching between screens to make sure everything lined up. I was going to add my male alt and child alt in as well...but dealing with five me's....eeep no thanks!!! One of me is plenty!
  3. This was released at Collabor88 last month and probably will show up in their store eventually. Some event items go straight from event to main store, others have a waiting period of a month or three, so maybe ask the Zenith CSR if they have an eta on it. PS when all else fails...check their Flickr 😉
  4. Me, Me and Me...cos I am one of those introverted, workaholic hermits who has no friends. But it's nice to pretend I do.
  5. Can you please specify it's not this Jordan (ie Me) cos I don't think I cause *that* much drama 😇 At least not with you anyway lol
  6. I have to say I kinda agree with @Tarina Sewell on this. In almost every post you do there will be "I'm an escort" somewhere in it. Looking for a skybox - "I'm an escort". Alts - "I'm an escort". Making friends - "I'm an escort". If you aren't trolling these boards looking for clients, why is it so important to make that announcement? Who cares what you do in SL! I manage events and I don't feel the need to announce that, just so people know what I am known in SL for.
  7. There are two types of people in SL. Those to whom it is a game that ends when they log out (SL is SL/RL is RL), and those who immerse themselves in it and with the connections they make. The first type cannot see how harmful it can be. They'll probably never get it, so don't take that to heart.
  8. Well I guess then it depends what you intend to use your alt for. I use mine for extra bodies when blogging, so tend to regularly update them with skins/hairs/outfits/accessories etc as well as buying them the outfits I need them to have for the blog post...so they have extensive inventories. I tend not to keep decor items on them as they don't need them.
  9. I don't disagree with you, and like I said in later replies, I have been there and let someone put me in a situation I now see was abusive because I didn't feel like I could get out of it. Hindsight is always 20/20 and looking back now, I wish I had put a stop to it and left the situation.
  10. I would only do that cos it's not worth the drama if he decided to make a song and dance about it. But it would teach him!!
  11. Hindsight has me wishing I had logged out or just left situations I have been in that made me feel scared or uncomfortable. So I get it, having been there myself. Help her see that leaving is always the better option.
  12. I started mine off with the mesh head/body and a decent AO and skin, and then hit MP for free or promo clothing and hair. Gacha stuff can be picked up cheaply too. You can find some diamonds in there if you have the patience to look hard enough. Also if the SLB17 event is still on and you have the time, hit there for the freebies. And don't forget things like Fifty Linden Fridays or groups that have tons of group gifts - Scandalize for example has a whole wall of them, along with many lucky letter boards for group members. It is sometimes worth joining groups that gift regularly that do have join fees - Truth is an example here.
  13. It was SL. Why didn't she just put a stop to it by giving the lindens back and logging out? It is just so much easier to leave and not put up with stuff we do not like in this platform. There are many times I can look back now and wish I had done that instead of putting up with abuse in SL, so maybe I get why she didn't. That being said, I am glad you were there to help her out.
  14. "Kevin" is the name used for really dumb people. In SL, Kevin is just an annoying, spamming beggar trying to scam people out of lindens by "claiming" he has saved up 238 lindens, but needs 462 lindens to be able to afford to buy a skin/shape for his avatar.
  15. Yes that is true, there is a sign at The Black Fair about him 😄
  16. Yeah "Kevin" has become a "thing"...especially on Facebook.
  17. I dunno. You do have cute pixels, but you = socks to me.
  18. I'm really struggling seeing you as no longer a pair of socks.
  19. I have four alts. 1. Male Alt - used for when I need a male in a picture or have to blog male items. 2. Blonde Alt - also used for blogging when I want to showcase two outfits instead of just one or two views of the same outfit. 3. Child Alt - used for blogging a friend's child clothing store. 4. Spare Alt - has no purpose, I just play Barbies with her (shopping, dress up, take pics). None of them are used to "play" SL beyond the odd shopping trip and taking pics of them.
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