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  1. Don't forget those hotter than heck Ken spots!!!
  2. Can you please repeat how to do that in Blonde?
  3. You're back? Not letting you get away again!!!!
  4. My internal monologue is having a full on internal debate with itself today. I must not reply on a certain thread! Sure you should. It's fun to call people out on their blatant hypocrisy. But who can be bother rehashing old bs? But SHENANIGANS!!!! But stupid drama everyone is sick of. SHENANIGANS!!!! But giving attention to them that desire it a bit too much! Meh you are no fun! I AM ALL THE FUN!!!! Pffft!
  5. What the hell is wrong with you? Mayo is heavenly!!!!
  6. That constant texture refreshing/not rezzing thing drives me completely insane too. I don't know if its a lag thing, a texturing thing or viewer issue. All I know is it makes taking pics sometimes a hair pulling out nightmare. You can right click on the item, click more, then more again, reset and then tex refresh.
  7. Howdy from across the Tasman. Like @Stephanie Misfit, I mostly hang out on my skypad too, so I'm about as useful as a bicycle to a goldfish as well! But rest assured, there are bound to be sociable Antipodeans out there...somewhere...
  8. My inner monologue has full on conversations to the point where I think I have spoken to or replied to people...but it was all in my head!
  9. Trying to get my alts in to Blueberry to spend the gift credit during the 50% off sale. BUY YOUR CRAP AND LEAVE, PEOPLE!!!!!
  10. I had to Google to find out what a brony is. I feel an overwhelming need to mock you for knowing this @Orwar!
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