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  1. Yes I called you out for posting naked pictures in a forum with a "no nudity" rule. What is to defend? Rule exists...but not for you apparently. Still waiting for the "yeah I should stop doing that."
  2. Yes people do start over on a new avatar. I did it myself 13 years ago to get away from an abusive SL ex. What I didn't do though was go hang out in the same places my first ID used to hang out, be around people who knew me and play the "Hi I'm new and you don't know me" game. That just shows you how little respect you really do have, especially after all your defending of the "him" in question. And so @TDD123 doesn't get bunched knickers...how I look today...
  3. So playing at being "new" here and hiding who you really are was what?
  4. We have the right to be safe when we use the bathroom. We have the right to compete in sports against other genetic women. We have the right to be called "women", without having some newfangeled madeup term tacked to the front of it. We have the right to be able to voice our concerns and stand up for our rights without being labelled "phobes" and "terfs". We have the right to be women. When you have battled underwire bras, Aunt Flo visits and PMS for over half your life, THEN you can have an opinion on how women should feel about people like these in our private spaces. [Moderator Edit: Inflammatory Images Removed]
  5. Yes..."false propaganda that never actually happens"... LINK
  6. Lord help us if they do! If movies are anything to go by, we wouldn't be able to count on the Americans to save the world, cos those in charge are a joke.
  7. And the fact you didn't address the irony of your "people jump in and make comments" when you in fact jumped in and made a comment on something that was not addressed to you is not lost here. I do not care if you and he share opinions, art galleries, partnerships, sims etc and I doubt anyone else does either. We were all done with the Talli-Bagnu Show a long time ago and are not interested in a reboot.
  8. But hedgehogs are cute. The pics being debated...are not.
  9. Still don't like it, no matter how many threads pop up about it.
  10. I had this happen to me years ago on Plurk. Some chick added me as a friend and on her stream she asked a "why do people do this..." type of question. The action in question was something I have been known to do, so I responded saying something along the lines of "I do that at times and this is why...blah blah blah." Next thing I know, I was kicked off her friend's list and banished to the realms of evil people who ACTUALLY give a real response to a question instead of the fake sympathy "oh you poor thing" butt kissers. So yeah, people suck!
  11. If you bothered to LOOK at the quoted text in my reply...I was replying to @Bagnu, not you, but then again....
  12. Well I guess you could always make a new avatar that looks EXACTLY like your old one and pretend to be "new". Drama solved!
  13. Nudity is nudity. I don't think Tal...Billie's gratuitous naked pics compare to the art that is the Sistine Chapel.
  14. Pretty simple if you ask me...which no-one did...but still...
  15. I didn't think nudity was allowed here...
  16. Don't forget those hotter than heck Ken spots!!!
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