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  1. Aimee dress from Lowen. She credits things on her Flickr...for future reference.
  2. So far everything listed is EW!
  3. We all remember how well that went for BangU...
  4. Well now I wanna know what it was you were looking for!
  5. As for the emoticon topic...I really really REALLY wanting a vomiting in my mouth emotie. Think of all the offensive fun to be had with THAT!!!!
  6. Sometimes yes...all I do is stare at my avi and wonder why I all my relationships inworld fail and why I cut myself off from interactions. Since the common denominator is me, I figure it is something I need to work on! But I also have a split screen on my monitor, so I am often watching youtubes or movies, sorting my inventory, shopping, taking pictures or cruising these boards. Why yes I do take a book into the loo when I go! I value "me" time! And breathing is overrated!
  7. Giving the whole "trying to be sociable" thing another go.
  8. Omg I love the Lovely Wobbly Randy Old Ladies!!!
  9. For me, it would have to be the Daisy doll by Mary Quant. An ex bought me a couple of dolls with outfits, from Ebay years ago and I once again have the dolls of my childhood. They are about the only happy memories I have of that time.
  10. That's weird. I have had my restrictions changed by the "Flickr Bot" from safe to moderate when they have been perfectly safe pictures, fully clothed with nothing naughty showing at all. I simply flipped the bird and changed it back.
  11. Or you can do what I do and just call him "Dork".
  12. I'm showing no more nakedness than the picture of @EmmaTyler1 above where she is showing a bit of cleavage in her shirt. Not flashing my naked butt and boobs sans nips all over the place or taking gratuitous "artsy" naked shots in fields of flowers. AND I was wearing pants!
  13. Not to my recollection. In fact, I find that we often agree and share similiar opinions!
  14. Just dinner? What? No sex at the end? ~ The Tall Guy.
  15. Your faith in the intelligence of people is amazing.
  16. So for the past couple of years in SL I have been a total introverted hermit. I seldom left my skypad for more than shopping excursions and could stand around for hours on end without talking to anyone. Tonight I decided to venture back out into the wider SL world....ie I went back to a club where I used to sit for hours on end whilst editing pictures and people watching whenever I felt the *need* to be sociable. So I arrive at said club, find an out of the way spot to sit whilst working through my clothing folders renaming stuff (cos yes, I am just THAT retentive), and psych myself up to replying if I receive any IMs...which I have to admit is a bit of a rarity at the best of times for me. But I received one. Now I am the sort of person who will happily engage in a bit of social discourse if someone engages me in it. IM had a good opening, so I replied in full sentences (ie more than the monosyllabics I usually reply to the "nice avi" IMs). Conversation is being had about all sorts of generic SL stuff from "not seen you here before" to "what do you enjoy doing in SL" etc. They are doing well....until...."So do you like being screwed someplace very uncomfortable?" (Ten points if you get the reference!) I hit the small X and logged out. Back to introverted Hermitsville for me I guess.
  17. Buying something, unpacking it, sorting it into the correct folder in my inventory...and then waking up the next morning to UPDATES cos something was missing or wrong with the original package and having to do it ALL over again!
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