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  1. At the risk of sounding very silly, where is (or what is) the default folder in inventory. A while ago I detached an outfit from my avatar but by mistake I clicked on send to default folder. Looked through inventory, done searches etc but the outfit is nowhere to be seen. Since this happened, recently received notecards and a group gift have also "vanished". Now I am worried about buying anything in case this "disappeared" along with the other recent items. I am using Firestorm Viewer.
  2. Very sorry to hear your store has closed Phil I joined SL in 2008 and bought numerous items from you, they were good quality, low prim (obviously) and not expensive. If you are not 100% cerain what you want to do now, why not simply enjoy SL, meet new people, explore or even do what I frequently do, wander around aimlessly lol Cannot imagine you being homless but if you ever are, I am sure there are many on here who have a "spare room" or even an empty garage or garden shed you could use lol Wishing you luck in whatever course you decide to take
  3. Thank you Theresa. I did not know that fairly soon there would be some new developments with regards to Mesh Heads. I will definitely wait until these are available before buying.
  4. I have the MaItreya Lara Body and am now interested in purchasing a mesh head. I got different demos to try but am still unsure which one or even if mesh heads are really for me. Catwa seems very popular but was not too happy with the demo. One I quite liked was the LAQ mesh head, it seemed quite easy to use and looked more "natural" than some of the others. I think the mesh heads are quite a new venture for LAQ (love their skins) and wondered if anyone has bought one of these or tried the demos and if so would be very interested to hear your comments. Would also
  5. I have been reading all the messages with great interest. Been on SL for a very long time but still have the "old" classic avatar even though I have recently bought Slink Feet & Hands. A few friends have been trying hard to persuade me to get Maitreya Lara mesh body and (mainly out of curiousity) I got the demo a few days ago. Cannot say I was not impressed because in some ways it looked good but when fully dressed I could not really see a great deal of difference in my avatar. My inventory contains a vast amount of outfits many are mesh but a lot are not and I found q
  6. Even though I have been on SL for a number of years, I have absolutely no idea about computers or how anything works. Now for my problem. For a few days I have been experiencing problems after logging in. When logging in, everything seems perfect, my home rezzes, so does the scenery and so does the avatar. But when I try to tp anywhere it either crashes, logs me out or goes so slow it takes forever (and then logs me out). On the rare occasions when I have managed to tp to another sim, everything rezzes perfectly and then almost immediately my avatar freezes. Cannot move,
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