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  1. When this happened to me, I was instructed to make a alt.. and flood my im box to kick me out of world... when you finally get the response that you are offline, try logging into a area called Aqua.. I have found this to help me a number of times when support wasnt available ... I hope it works for you ...
  2. I have 4 premium accounts..downgrading 2 this next month.. I have 1 ticket open that has finally been marked "Waiting for customers aproval".. This is a critical issue and I'm currently spending 1000.00's of USD in SL, I would hope that, they would at least show that they are looking into my ticket. I can wait on this current ticket, but only have another week before it will expire ..I am also going to have every member in the group list a ticket that will refer to this one case #. Or I walk away and lose everything.. Why?... No one seems to be looking into supporting anyone in this once wonderful world.. Being premium with all the extra charges, and tier fees, just makes me look foolish.. especiallly when it seems that I am throwing money away, and the stress from this fake life... is killing me in reality with worries.. They dont seeem to be addressing anyones issues apparently.... They billed me twice for one account, and I understood there error, and worked with them to apply the money as USD into my account to pay tier fees or other billing issues.. but they dont have the same grade of professionalism to look into my excalated ticket? I dont see any reason left for me to stay with the company and waste my time or money!!!
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