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  1. When this happened to me, I was instructed to make a alt.. and flood my im box to kick me out of world... when you finally get the response that you are offline, try logging into a area called Aqua.. I have found this to help me a number of times when support wasnt available ... I hope it works for you ...
  2. I have 4 premium accounts..downgrading 2 this next month.. I have 1 ticket open that has finally been marked "Waiting for customers aproval".. This is a critical issue and I'm currently spending 1000.00's of USD in SL, I would hope that, they would at least show that they are looking into my ticket. I can wait on this current ticket, but only have another week before it will expire ..I am also going to have every member in the group list a ticket that will refer to this one case #. Or I walk away and lose everything.. Why?... No one seems to be looking into supporting anyone in this once
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