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  1. Yeah, agreed. I feel like this blow could've relatively easily been softened by just adding value to premium membership that is more universal. An increase to the stipend or perhaps an entirely new feature - it doesn't need to be anything huge. But it would've been tactful to ship these changes along with a better offering. It's hard to avoid making people mad with a price increase, but there's a lot you can do to smooth the reaction.
  2. It may not be a huge increase (for us. it is for some people) but it's still essentially a devaluing of the product, adding more cost without much in the way of meaningful increase in gain for the buyer. If you don't use premium homes, cap your groups or your offline IMs (which is actually more people than you'd think), this is basically just a price increase with no benefit. My land is allocated to a sim, i am not in that many groups and my IMs don't cap. So i'm just paying more money and that's it.
  3. Yeah, and even the homes thing is only a benefit to some users. My land is allocated to the RP sim I admin at, so far as I know I am getting zero benefit from the changes even with that taken into account. I don't have an inherent problem with land owners benefiting from the change, but if LL is changing the terms of the agreement with premium benefits, it would be good if they added benefits that have a generalized benefit to as many premium users as possible, instead of improving the value of things like group/offline IM limits and homes which benefit only some premium users.
  4. As a premium user who does not own land, I feel like I have effectively been screwed for the benefit of land owners, especially since the only part of my premium perks that seem to have been adjusted are the parts that have the least value. No increased stipend, no new featuers, no extra allocation of land? You're just gonna.. Let me join more groups and get more offline IMs. Greeeat.
  5. I'm pretty worried that I have too many accounts. Since I started on SL, i've been carefully trying to search for available information on wether or not there's a limit. In the past, I haven't been able to find a single thing telling me there was a limit, nor was I stopped by an automated proccess from making them, even under the same email. I just now checked today while looking to make a new account, and was startled to see it claims that the limit is five and that linden labs may charge me for having more. I'm pretty scared that some sort of action is going to be taken against me and would greatly appreciate some help with this. I would never have made more than the limit if I had been aware there was one.
  6. Well, I realize it's a little late! But if anyone's still looking.. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/LGM-Argonian-Green/5215156
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    Hello. I've been trying to contact fellow merchants and builders about this for ages - i'm looking for a way to be able to automatically send out updates for products I make. going through the order history and redelivering each item by hand is not very practical. Thanks!
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