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  1. these people are wrong. it only contains the ILLUSION of being a png file. it is NOT a png, it IS an executable, it IS a virus, it WILL infect you, it WILL steal your SL account lindens, and payment information. i am a computer technician who specializes in repair and anti-malware. filename extension spoofing is not difficult. i have seen the file, as a friend who was infected by this brand new virus, attempted to send it to me. it is a faked png, with an executable icon. i repeat. anyone who has 'checked out the file' and thinks its clean, that is because they only used an antivirus that
  2. it has a clever illusion hidden in it. it SAYS png at the end, but its actually an executable. this has been possible to fake since like, windows XP SP3
  3. it is not a png. it only appears to have a png extension. im not sure what it is. its some form of executable. i think a skype addon or plugin, perhaps. if its not that, it may just be an exe. whatever it is, im not downloading it to find out.
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