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  1. This is something i know quite alot about, because of the nature of what i do in sl i use this feature quite alot, i have found it on most of the frequently used viewers excluding official SL viewer, Phoenix is Advanced-Debug Settings-PhoenixIgnoreFinishAnimation set to TRUE default is FALSE meaning there's a delay when you land, Firestorm is same route just FSIgnoreFinishAnimation Singularity is same route and type Nimble set to TRUE or using the drop down at the top of the screen and select Nimble inside the one named Singularity. Stopping this delay because of these events will enable you t
  2. i find searching through knowledge bases for answers to parts of a question then trying to piece it all together very confusing so if i just ask outright then hopefully i will get a clear and concise answer....i currently own a full region 15k prims i want to cancel it and no longer pay the 295 usd for it, i paid last on the 11th May and am due 11th June i would like to limit the charges if i can and do this as fast as i can....does anyone know what i can do?
  3. i am currently clearing my stuff, TY LL for aloowing me 24 hrs to do so
  4. ok the latest is: It appears that ''Cedar Bluff'' has been taken offline intentionally, and at this time, there are no indications of plans to reactivate it. Unfortunately we cannot give out any information as to the reasons for the island being taken down; you should contact the island owner for details, and to verify if the island will be closed temporarily or permanently. The region has been reactivated until tomorrow to allow you to reclaim your objects. WTG sim owners for letting me know >
  5. ok tried calling the UK number as i am a UK resident and i get caught up in a loop of recorded messages basically saying file a ticket or live chat, live chat tells me to file a ticket, some use that is, while the sim is offline my servers are also offline so all the vendors out there that my customers have as affiliates are now useless as they can't get the products from the servers. I am currently building a very large racetrack there too so nothing is backed up so i really need to get on there and atleast get my stuff.
  6. OK, at roughly midnight GMT the sim Cedar Bluff went offline after a restart, i have tried contacting lindens with no response, i have tried contacting the sim owner with no response and i have tried asking for solutions in world in groups and the conclusion i come to is that no body knows what to do. My wife and i own quite a lot of land there in fact more than half the sim and have many items there so if the sim was not paid for by the owners for whatever reason and now the sim is being closed is it possible for me to get into the sim to atleast collect my items?
  7. did you test avatar response to falling, i mean, the sim i am on is magnum RC since around 4 weeks i have found that i can no longer fall from around 30m up and keep walking by tapping the arrow keys, sounds weird i know but the line of gaming i'm into relies upon being able to fall from heighs and still be walking and not splatting in a heap on the floor. I have tried this method on bluesteel and letigre and secondlife simulator and they don't have this issue so i am guessing it's something to do with mesh physics changing somehow, any imput would be great
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    sounds like ghosting, best option is sim restart i'm affriad, try to get hold of the sim owner use an alt account maybe or get a friend to then once the sim is restarted you'll be fine. ) Hope this helps
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