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  1. it has been almost 2 months and i have never again rcvd this error since removing mcafee livesafe. when i removed livesafe, mcafee wanted to know why, and i told them. but it didnt happen for most of the yr i had mcafee and then all of a sudden it did. so i would guess they changed something in an update? my final post unless it happens again.
  2. still havent gotten that error again, been a good 10 days now. best i can tell, it shows back up in a couple three days, but has not since removing livesafe. not in sl nor in eso, where i had gotten it as well.
  3. hi. it has been just under 1 week since i removed mcafee livesafe. i have had NO problem whatsoever with secondlife/fs or eso. my livesafe was due to expire in nov. i have malwarebytes on my system now. put it on after removing livesafe. they made me take the pro version trial. that will expire in a week or so. so more pointing to mcafee as the problem. add: i should tell you that i have only logged into sl once since last thursday. i tend to come on on friday eves only these day. sometimes during the week, but not this week..
  4. i just uninstalled mcafee. but, as i said, i dont get this on my rift game. eso yes. secondlife w/fs, yes.
  5. in the meantime, are there any anti virus programs i should avoid when using secondlife and/or fs? ditto for anti malware programs.
  6. i am using livesafe and firestorm. but i am also getting it in elderscrolls online, which should narrow it to livesafe? i reinstalled eso and it was good for a day or two. i have my computer set to sleep when i close the lid (not shut down or hibernate) at night. better for the ssd. i am upgrading to latest fs viewer so we shall see. i hate doing that any sooner than needed i have googled it and others are getting this error with other programs. some suspect a crappy ms update (which cannot be refused on win10). some were reporting it months ago with their computer. i wastn gonna renew mcafee anyways came with the computer for 1 yr. but first i will re whitelist with mcafee. so far i am not getting it in rift. win 10 64 bit
  7. sl and the other game is whitelisted thru macafee, but i will do it again. ty for the reply. i was never asked a thing by macafee, tho.
  8. i am getting an error when trying to log in to sl. i dont think it is a sl thing, tho. but here it is in a nutshell: not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. yada yada.....0xc0000020 bad image i got this before and i did a redownload and it worked. getting it on another game i play, as well, so pretty sure it is not sl specific. redownloading that game worked, too. was able to log out and in and then when i tried this morn, got the error again. any ideas? i am at my wit's end here.
  9. or will it only make it "better"? i just wanna visit a spell.
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