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  1. Well, that gives us a game plan, doesn't it? I'll be online in about half an hour, for inscrutable reasons, maybe we can work through a few of them? Oh and: take you seriously? Only as seriously as I take myself.
  2. Aw Bob, it can't be bad as all that, can it? BTW: how does one go about getting banned? That seems to be as viable an option as any in this particular utopia.
  3. You're old as you feel, Bob. The eyebrow's up there with the satellites maintaining our media illusion. x.
  4. * raise eyebrow and shakes head*
  5. Just because somebody scaled Everest first! ;-)
  6. Or they gave up on the whole charade, but the result is the same.
  7. I was told that this internet stuff was all about the Death of Distance. So they're probably sitting somewhere near you, no?
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