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  1. My definition of a griefer is someone who decides for me what my experience of the world will be. The best news is .. I have this great red X to escape idiots like that. *holds up a mirror to griefers* Enjoy your own experience, and I'll enjoy mine. Thanks.
  2. Do wish the credits included the creator's name.
  3. You did notice that the date on that article was 12-17-2013 12:05 PM, right? *also ducks and runs*
  4. This is a general response to media prims ... not sure if it will help your particular player or not ... If you see a message from YouTube that you're on an unsupported browser, this may be the cause. YouTube has deprecated the default inworld browser (the one that's typically incorporated in media players) and no longer "supports it." However, by experimentation, I've found that the actual videos work, despite the dire warning. You generally just have to click through to it a few times. Also, in general, I've found that you have to click on the media player (the prim face containiner for the Media on a Prim =MOAP= to 'activate' it (there's some kind of time out when it'll revert to untouched, and you just have to click the surface again), then click a link for the actual video. Also, be sure that you've activated media and it's actually playing ... sometimes the media buttons deactivate (timeouts? not sure, to be honest). As far as I know, it's not possible to write notecards on the fly, and the only way for a notecard to appear in the contents is by dragging them there. Perhaps it was done accidently? Have you tried removing the extra notecards (dragging them from the player's contents back into inventory to save them)? Are you saying that the script itself is missing? Maybe it's time to contact the creator, if they're still inworld?
  5. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Did you not see my first response to you.. I said the merchants screwed up.. You know what i do when i see one of those screw ups? i flag them for incorrect permissions. Until the merchants fix their perms our only option is to search with "NOT demo" added on. Yeah .. saw it, or I wouldn't have posted my begging comment, right? This comment wasn't a direct reply to you. It's a generalized question.
  6. Pamela Galli wrote: So, you are asking people to please, please, please never make a mistake. Okay. Seriously?
  7. If I use (without quotes) "mesh" as my search term, then filter by checking all three perms, COPY, MOD, TRANS ... and assuming the merchant has set the proper perms ... I should never see a demo in the results (since they are normally NOT full perms). As an exercise, try it and see how many DEMO responses you get. The answer is: about half (usually more) Why should it be the responsibility of the buyer to set the NOT demo exception?
  8. In that case, let me beg ........... Please, please, please .. if you're a FP content provider and list a demo, puhleeeeeeeze set the perms to the actual delivered product. We have enough problems searching for relevant content in the MP.
  9. First, let me assure you that I am extremely grateful for Demos ... when I want them. They're invaluable, and I appreciate them. That said .... Is there a reason why Demos for FP items end up showing perms as Copy/Mod/Trans ... when the delivered product is obviously going to be restricted, since it's a demo? Is there some kind of listing restriction (tied to the "get full version," maybe .. I'm groping for answers, here)? It makes me crazy when I do a search, filter for all perms, and get pages and pages of demos in my search results, which logically should have the restricted perms reflected on the listing, in addition to all the other search results.
  10. Yah. It's not like I'm not going to agree, but .. it'd be nice to know what's changed. And, an advanced announcement seems only fair. Slogging through all the documents is more than tedious, it's nearly impossible to know what's changed without a line by line comparison. C'mon, Lab .. just be nice about it.
  11. If you're paying for your parcel to be searchable (all group at admin level get hit with a shared portion of the 30L fee), try an external browser search on secondlife.com/my (look in the upper right of the window for the search panel). Search for the name of your parcel, hopefully find your it in responses, click the result, then go to the MORE INFO tab. The old style parcel contents search is revealed (aside: why, oh, WHY is this not available inworld .. *sighs*). If it doesn't show, I'm guessing the payments for being searchable aren't being made.
  12. There are SO many reasons for preferring (or needing) a laptop. However, acknowledging your comments, I'd say it's good to be aware of the drawbacks. As a laptop user, exclusively, I'll respond to your comments, individually .. Conditionally, I'll say: First of all, be sure the laptop expressly states that it's designed for gaming. If you can afford it, get one with nVidia graphics and get at much ram as you can afford. There isn't enough space inside to dissipate the heat from extended use (>30minutes of use may damage components). True and easily overcome by using cooling trays and a small external fan They don't have room for a decent GPU. "Decent" is a matter of opinion. Just be sure the graphics card allows for individual 3D graphics settings (most current cards/drivers like ATI or nVidia do) RAM can't always be replaced. True .. get as much as you can afford, now Heavy draws on the battery caused by SL will shorten battery life, lack of internal regulation of voltage will shorten component lifespan. The price we pay for heavy graphics use. Desktops don't have a battery. Sort of a moot point, really. They rarely have good ethernet/wired LAN controllers, and Wifi is not suitable for the amount of traffic require Huh? Practically the whole point of a laptop is to work wireless. Here again, though, you CAN hardwire/cable to your internet source. A more suitable issue here is: SL will require very high ping rates, so if you're going wireless, you need a very good, reliable signal. If you travel a lot and use unknown wireless sources, pintest.net is your friend. The components are never designed for long life, or heavy use. (You will want both) OK. Really? I have mine turned on 24/7. And all of mine last anywhere from 3 to 5 years, nearly as long as technology practically demands an upgrade. I'd call this a wash. You can't improve the specifications if Second Life changes the minimum hardware requirements tomorrow. Hard to argue this one ... keep a good tech in your pocket. A comment that's not here .. many laptops come with a far more restrictive firewall, precisely because we travel and use untested wireless sources. Make sure you know how to access the firewall (even the antivirus program) to allow traffic from SL. To close, I'd say that even two or three years ago, it was very hard to find a laptop that was well designed for use with 3D gaming environment. It's more than possible, these days. Mine is a $500US Walmart-sold Acer. While I do have some limits, they're ones I'll sacrifice to play, wirelessly, and in my travels.
  13. I know it's tough for everyone outside of the Pacific Time Zone .. but .. 7:30 pm PT = 7:30 pm SLT
  14. You can accomplish pretty much the same thing ... for your avi and the surrounding environment ... by making your camera spin around you ..... that way no one else know's you're doin' the rez dance (unless ya want 'em to, of course). :matte-motes-wink:
  15. LOL .. I remember when it got so bad that a bunch of us started wearing barrels when we TP'd (and hoped it remained as an attachment).
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