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  1. Viewer 2.2 is a step in the right direction. I've just downloaded the latest update and on the positive side the graphics seem sharper and more alive and the viewer is producing astounding FPS numbers on the statistics bar on my comp: in the 120-130fps range! On the downside I still have a lot of troubel with finding things on the UI and it's just not a matter of getting used to a new way. I think the interface is flawed. I'll give you a big for instance. I was trying to build on a client's land and lost a transparent prim underground. I found the surface patch ok in the advanced menu, but where is Highlight Transparent??? Not near beacons (IMO 'transparent" should be just another beacon anyway) but buried in the Advanced menu under something called "Highlighting and Visisbility". Now a few suggestion if you really want to keep this interface: Of the bottom buttons I never use the move and seldom the view buttons. I would like to be able to relegate them to the top drop down menu. Furthermore I would like the power to be able to right click on an item in the drop down menu and have a create button option so for instance when I am building I could have a 'beacons' button on the bottom. Also I need to be able to detach and resize the right hand pull outs without maximising my viewer. For IM's and group chat, I think you should go back to the 1.XX console. It is so much more usable. But good job folks. It's obvious you are listeneing & trying to fix things or I wouldn't bother to post my suggestions.

  2. As a reply to the OP, I also think that there can never be too many options. As many people there are on SL, each would have a different idea on the ideal interface. Viewer2 IMO fails miserably. I had an easier time with the HIPIHI viewer and that was all in Chinese. I think you need to drop the browser idea and look at CAD or even word processing applications. One of the most powerful aspects in these programs is the ability for the user to highly CUSTOMIZE the UI. Maybe you can take a lesson from those developers: Provide a basic interface (the 1.XX is not all that bad) but provide the ability for the user to add buttons for the features he/she wants, dockable to any of several places on UI at their discretion. When working in CAD I often customize the UI to suit the project.


    SO LOTS OF OPTIONS AND LOTS OF BUTTONS AVAILABLE AT OUR CHOICE. However, after a week in SL (or less) a person does not need full words in large buttons for "Communicate", "Fly", "Snapshot", "Search", "Build", etc when a small graphic on a small button would do. I drool at the thought of how I could organize the bottom on the 1.XX viewer if I could only customize it. I'm sure my interface would differ greatly from any other on SL but it would work great for me and that's the point of a UI.


    I have not read all the posts, but I believe that there is one more point you have ignored and was not mentioned in the idea of "fewer options". Fact of the matter is that if you don't include a popular option in the UI, people will market it in a HUD. Off the top of my head I would mention AOs, Radars, NPVs or Phantom Avis, TP history, etc etc etc. The list could go on & on. If these features are not included in a viewer they will unnecessarily consume script memory which LL says will be limited per Avi in the near future. Make sure that in the processes of lightening your team's workload by limiting options you don't again shoot your bosses in the foot as seems to be the LL tradition. It would be a welcome change if Project Snowstorm grew to a blizzard rather than just another snow job.

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