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  1. You have to give up your old one first 😀
  2. You're right, but this is what I'm bringing up with this post. The land barons who have tons of cash are bidding on land they know other people want. NOT to actually use it, but to resell it for more. I'm just saying those of us who actually want the land for personal use are out of luck and at a disadvantage. Which is unfortunate, all they're doing is reinforcing the behavior in that case. I have a sim in the Jeogeot Gulf. In order for boats to get out to the gulf, they need to sail through a channel. Recently abandoned parcels in this channel are being bought up and resold by
  3. Will Linden Labs ever regulate land flippers or the big real estate barons who control most of the prime parcels on mainland? I understand there's big money in SL real estate; I get it. But at the same time, I feel like many users are at a disadvantage when it comes to the mainland auctions. For example, there was an auction for a half-sim waterfront parcel in the Jeogeot Gulf, which is highly coveted by those in the SL combat community, because the Jeogeot Gulf is one of the few places on SL that allow for open rezzing, thus open combat. It is home to WW2 Central in Tulagi, and countless litt
  4. That is SO strange. Every time I went to look and if it was available, Bellisseria was always the first choice. I just did a catch and release this morning in Sainte.
  5. Seems to have been Sainte Helene yes. It's a completely landlocked sim, so no water. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sainte Helene/148/80/0
  6. Didn't see any houseboats either. But log out and back in, then try again. That seems to work lol.
  7. Log out and log back in, try again. I just got one in Sainte Helene.
  8. Just saw some traditional homes pop up now on my alt, but got locked out lol
  9. Evard and Guppy released at 10:25 AM SLT it looks like. Congrats to everyone!
  10. I was doing it every half hour actually! But yes I agree with you, I do believe it was luck and chance.
  11. Good evening everyone. I know the recent releases have been unannounced, though its known through Mr. Patch Linden that they are primarily on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday usually between 0900 to 1400 SLT. Any releases outside of these days and times are going to be homes that were recently abandoned. I finally got my home on Friday in Sweetmarsh, and it was completely random, without using the auto refresh. I just happened to check at 0600 with no luck, then again at 0630, which was when I snagged my traditional-style home. I'm not sure if this was the first release that happened outsid
  12. Today was my first day in Bellisseria, and it was a good day ☺️
  13. AMAZING! You should consider selling it!
  14. I drove by maybe 10 people earlier and not ONE of them stopped me!!
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