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  1. ooh so it does have a desktop mode all the ad's I saw made it look like it was vr only. might take a look sometime then Well that would make sense that most are in voice chat mode if text chat is difficult in vr mode and that seems to be the one they are pushing so hard.
  2. So after getting hit with a bunch of ad's for Sansar I did some digging and ran across this. I haven't played it yet as I don't got a headset, spent all my money getting a graphics card that was up to the task of running vr. now I gotta save up for a headset. Which this is why I think VR is so much slower to take off then many of the other reasons i've seen mentioned in this thread. the thing is that unless you already got a really beefy computer the cost to get a the upgrades to the computer to get it to work and the cost of the headset is more then the cost of the current day flagship consoles. And even if you do have a computer with enough horsepower to run vr the headset it self depending on what one you get can still be more then the price of some current gen consoles. really I think this is more the driving factor. the fact that some people get motion sickness also doesn't help but I agree with those who says that a large portion of the population doesn't, I also think that portion is large enough that if that was the only major problem it would still be seeing a much better reception then it is. Thing is for as fun and amazing as vr is, well there's only so much to do in there right now, and to top it off the Rift costs arround $400 and you need a computer with enough horsepower to run it, and even if your Tech savvy enough to build a computer from parts, and your starting with a computer that has a decently powered CPU and proper RAM, it will still cost where from $250-$1000 to get a gpu with enough horse power and that's just for the part. So best case scenario is $400(Rift by itself), middle case:$650(Rift plus cheapest vr ready gpu I could find) worse case $1238+ (parts to build a tower with enough horsepower and the rift, it could be more depending on what you get and if you put it together yourself or not.) Consoles: when I looked up the Switch, the PS4m Xbox one s they all priced in at around $300 worse case is you need a new tv. I saw wall-mart had those off clearance for around $200 and they had some on clearance for $100. so your best case there is $300 mid is $400 and worst is $500+ and your likely to find way more games and games that can be shared much more easily. is it really any wonder why more people will buy a console instead of going for VR? Especially if they hear there's a good chance of getting sick by playing it. I've done the gear vr (the one on the samsung phones) a lot until I upgraded my phone and found the newer ones will not work with the older headset. From that I know I didn't get the motion sickness problem. Nor did anyone I tried it out with. So the motion sickness thing is least something I never had to deal with. I'm sorry for those of you who do. Still I bet there's a lot of people who like me would be into VR but aren't because they simply can't afford it. From what I've seen from the screen shots and looking at the market place. Sansar reminds me of the "High Fidelity" Game though that game does have a non vr mode.
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