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  1. why is my membership staying on the monthly membership slot for? I changed to basic free because i cannot pay for this anymore i suggest you guys fix that problem your self i keep changed it it don't stay on basic free. don't give me down the down river i have to do it my self i have done it my self it don't stay. you better fix it where it will stay on basic free. my father is already mad at me i am still on here because my accound did not close and i am still paying for the membership. I want my membership back to basic free and i want my land to be gone i know i can't keep land free.
  2. someone told me to put in a ticket for my linden problem i could not find where to do at. I already put in a report abuse from to LL already. I know none of my meeroo items is taking my lindens must be some one in my meeroo group or the kitty breeding thing which I am definitely not doing after it asked me to grant something on a screen. no one should be taking your lindens and no I am spending none not where it is going. it is happening when I am not online it never does it when I am online that is strange.
  3. Yesterday I noticed someone took thousand lindens from me and today I noticed 106 was taking from me. I want to know who been taking it doing what with it? I did try the kitten breeding but it required a screen that I had to accept or deny something people taking lindens from you not sure that is it or not. I did not do it I could understand it I just stopped and quit. No one should be taking No one's lindens without the person. Can you find the name of the person so Can contact this person to ask them to stop taking my lindens. I am not sure of the name at the moment.
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