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  1. Ah...thanks. I rezed it and touched it and got the HUD with the three options Tattoo, Skin, Clothing so now understand how that works. Sadly, the tattoo doesn't show up on the naked avatar skin so I've got something else wrong that I'll need to figure out.
  2. Thank you Blush. That's exactly what I've done. Just to clarify: I obtained the Maitreya Dev Kit Tattoo/Clothing and inside the kit are instructions and the script for the prim and the notecard. I made a prim (create) and dropped the script in it, got the UUID from the texture and completed the notecard with the UUID for the texture. As you say, I now have an applier. What do I do with the applier? I've tried to wear or add it, that's no good. I'm not sure what to do next. Thanks
  3. I'm a little clumsy with mesh appliers and don't understand something. I want to apply a tattoo to Maitreya Laura and have the applier kit. The instructions says: "drag the script "Maitreya Applier Script - V2 0.10" in to your prim(s)" What prim? I haven't created a prim have I? Mitzie
  4. I don't understand something basic. Then instructions for the Applier are to "drag the script into the prim." What Prim? I'm not clear on what that means. To me a prim is one of the basic building blocks in SL. You create it on your land. What prim is this referring to? Thanks Mitzie
  5. My partner is my alt and I am the owner of the 512 that is deeded to our group. I stood side by side with him and rezed a prim with the same permissions. His showed "deed" functional/available, mine was grayed out. We were on the same internet connection. I selected option #4.
  6. Okay, this is very confusing: When I rez a prim and check "share" the prim "Deed" option is still grayed out. When my partner rezes an object on this same land his "Deed" option is not grayed out. We're in the same group and the land we're on is group owned by us. Why would he be able to rez and object and the deeding option shows when he checks "share" on the object, but when I rez and object, with permissions set exactly the same, the "deed" in my is grayed out?
  7. So when someone builds something to sell to someone who then wants to share it with a group, the builder must check the SHARE box or can the buyer simply do it?
  8. I made an object that I provided to a friend who wanted to deed it to his group. He reported that the "Deed" option on the prim was grayed out. To check this question I rezed a new prim on my land and sure enough the deed option is grayed out. I've tried allowing all permissions, modify, copy, transfer on a prim but still the deed is function is not there. Obviously, I'm missing something basic, but can't find it.
  9. In addition to these unlisted items I find some in my store. I no longer have them in my Merchant box and can find no record of them in my store inventory yet they show up with some wierd images when I view my store. If I click on them as if to purchase them, they take me to the Market Place home page. It's very annoying to have these old items that I no longer have inventory for show up. Any help in cleaning out this junk is appreciated. Mitzie
  10. I have a script that reads a notecard with: string _notecard = "name of notecard" From there the code reads information from the notecard. Is there a way to have multiple notecards in a script and let the user chose which to use?
  11. Using Blender using V. Bibb. With Primmest and Python I imported a .dae file made in SketchUp V8, saved and changed it to a Zip, unzipped it then brought in the .dae file into Blender using the "Second Life Sculptie (.tga. obj .dea)" option. When it imports the only mode available is "Object." How do I get to the Edit Mode? When I select it in Object mode and try to "bake" it under RENDER/BAKE SCULPTIE MESHES, nothing happens. No UV map appears. I've tried importing that same .dae file using Mixamo Collada 1.4.1 Importer but Blender crashes on my Vista PC when that's attempted. Sorry, I'm so lame. Any tips or help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I'm a relatively new user of Blender using V. 2.49b. I've loaded in what seem to be the correct Primstar and Python items. I've made some things and imported them into Second Life just fine following tutorials so have baked sculpties and imported them and textures I've assigned to them in Blender. Using Sketchup I made a simple staircase and can convert it to a .dae file that I successfully imported into Blender using the "Second Life Sculptie (.tga. obj .dea)" option. When it imports the only mode available is "Object." When I select all and try to "bake" the stairs into a sculptie under RENDER/BAKE SCULPTIE MESHES, nothing happens. I've tried importing that same .dae file using Mixamo Collada 1.4.1 Importer but that program crashes blender on my Vista PC. Any tips or help would be appreciated. Sketchup is far simpler to use for my purposes so would like to be able to import the work done there. Thanks!
  13. Got it fixed. Thanks everyone. I tried rebaking which left me with a naked avatar with now customized skin so I tried the Character Test and I appeared! Denny
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