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  1. Opensource Obscure wrote: You're not using a Wifi or 3G internet connection, right? No, I'm using a wired (ethernet) connection on a 50 mb/s cable modem. I've done a speed test and a ping test on it and it's working fine. Snowglobe runs great for example.
  2. I agree it's puzzling. I've since downgraded as it were to Snowglobe and it runs a treat on ultra detail, so I think I'll stick with it for now. The textures download quickly and even while they're downloading any movement is still smooth. The view is almost as good and isn't at all taxing for my computer.
  3. I'd been trying to run it at the "high" graphics detail level but because it was struggling I tried the "low" setting. This unfortunately made no difference whatsoever to the time it was taking to load the textures. Now that you mention it though, I've noticed that SL suddenly seems to be making my computer work very hard, unlike before. When the fan reaches it's highest speed (which doesn't take long in SL these days) everything seems to almost grind to a halt and it's not until the fan slows down again that the FPS goes back to a reasonable level. I just don't understand why it's now taking so much processing power to load the textures. If I'm in a fairly sparse location, on my own and the textures have eventually finished loading properly, my fan slows down, the framerate goes back up and it all works fine. So it seems to be the texture loading that is causing me severe slowdown rather than detail settings. I'd have expected it to put a load on my internet connection's bandwidth rather than my CPU though. I've got a pretty fast processor and internet connection (50mb/s) anyway. As you say, SL hasn't really changed that much in the past few months and it used to run very well for me, so I suspect something must be going on with my computer in that case. Now to re-install Windows or find a needle in a haystack I suppose. I have my laptop plugged in by the way and my maximum bandwidth set to 10000 aswell, so I'm obviously gonna have to look beyond SL to solve this. Thanks for the info.
  4. I've had my current laptop for 14 months now and it was £900, so high-spec. SL used to run like a dream on it, but after not using SL for a few months, I've come back to it (installed the latest viewer) and now it runs terribly slowly. I've not got a virus and all the other obvious stuff is all present and correct. Everything else on my laptop runs fine, including my 3D games (Call of Duty: Black Ops for example). It seems that wherever I am the textures take an absolute age to download and trying to move around is also a nightmare. I could basically stand in one place for ten minutes and after that time some of the textures have downloaded properly, some partially and some not at all. Of course I've tried the lowest detail settings but it makes no difference. I used to run SL on ultra and my laptop handled it really well. I'm wondering if it's the new viewer or that the SL servers are not coping anymore. If someone could help me out with this I'd be very grateful. Basically my specs are: Intel Core i5 processor, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 (512 megs dedicated), 4 gig RAM, 500 gig HDD, Windows 7 (64bit) Cheers.
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