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  1. A few years ago I was able to get my soul back. I had to buy and drink a potion called "wormwood".
  2. is there a way to copy the entire list of my MP order history?
  3. Suki Rexen

    Creating alts

    I recently created an alt, and now I have forgotten his name. Is there a way to get a list of all the Alts I have created, or have associated with my SL account? tyvm
  4. I'm pretty sure there is a way to find out who made that dress even though it is mesh. Did you happen to catch the name of the girl who's photo you took wearing that dress?
  5. I have been in Second Life since 2008 and have a well established SL. However, my main AVI is not my premium account Avatar. Can I use the non-premium avatar account to sell on the market place?
  6. yes indeed! Thank you for the extra groups!! finally.........a number that makes sense, since SL has grown... the need for more group space has grown!
  7. thank you Nya Raymaker that worked! However, on my firefox brower bar it was under Tools, then options.
  8. Everytime I use the marketplace and use the "visit shop inworld" link on an ad, the viewer imprudence begins to load.  I am using Phoenix Viewer.  But it doesn't matter what viewer I am using, the link that appears on the map always loads imprudence. How do I tell it not to do this..... use the viewer that is already opened.  ???
  9. Several groups and "people" are sending this warning around, saying it's been verified.  Verified by who, and how do I read or even find the verification?? ty Warning : If you will get an object called RADAR FREE V44. Clear it, don't take or wear it. It will activate a money transfer from your account to the Objects sender, duplicates and sends itself to other people. Give these messages to other groups and friends. This is verified.
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